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The Capital Collection

I see this as one of the greatest marketing fails in recent memory.


It makes me think that the people at Cover Girl don’t novels, because if they did, at least one of them might have read the Hunger Games novels.  It is hard to believe that if anyone at Cover Girl had read the books, that they would be glamorizing the Capital.  As a single example, most of the country is starving, and the people in the Capital are attending parties where they eat until they are stuffed, and then they drink something that makes them throw up so they can keep eating the rest of the night.  Um, not to mention that the best thing that happens in the Capital all year is the televised competition where children from the districts fight to the death while they all cheer from the comfort of their well fed homes.

Seriously Cover Girl.  Fail.

I’m all for sparkling makeup and metallic nail polish, and this could have all been avoided if it was simply called the Catching Fire Collection.  Also the “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” tag line is inappropriate at end of the commercials, cause, well, there is nothing easy and breezy about the Hunger Games (I think Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful).  Someone in the Cover Girl Marketing department should be fired.


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