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quotes from last week

“Who’s that on the wall?” _David
“That? That’s Dwight Eisenhower”_jennifer

“So, was Bobby Jones a pretty good golfer?”-David

“Now, what do those numbers mean?”_David (on the pairing sheet)

“Sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, I take it and throw it in the
dryer” Travers (about his hair)

“Word”-one guess

“He thinks he’s Master DJ of life” (jennifer, about her terrible

“My wife has to be athletic, so I could never marry someone
from the South” David

“Hey look everybody, it’s Don Johnson” Chad

“JR is so hot” everyone

“This place is like Disneyland.” David Swift

“She walked up to me and yelled, ‘She found her panties!'” – Robbie (Howard spit his wine out at this point) (the reference to Tricia lost panties of Saturday night)

“I write the date on them to see how long they last” – Trav
“What is the Z for?” – Libby
“The Z is just a letter.” – Trav
“Is it always Z?” – Libby
“No, sometimes it R or S or T.” – Trav
“Oh.” – Libby
“Tell us what the point of the letter is, I know there is a point.” – Charlsie
“So I can keep the pair together and I don’t end up with a drawer full of mismatched socks.” – Trav (obvious reason)
“Do you have a stamp?” – Libby
“No, I use a big magic marker.” – Trav (to Katie, Libby and Charlsie on why he has writing on his socks

“I thought the true test of whether someone was metro-sexual was if they used hair products.” – Libby
“Have you ever seen my dad’s hair look any different than it does right now, EVER?” – Charlsie
“No, but I thought he just woke up like that.” – Libby
“He wishes” – Charlsie
“Oh.” – Libby

“We are following Tiger.” Jennifer (muttered under breath, obviously ashamed)

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last thoughts….

So, some last thoughts on last week, things to clear up.
Allison, Elizabeth, Libby and I distinguished quasi-boyfriend and pseudo-boyfriend in a late night snacking session, and I would like to share for all of those who were not present. a QUASI-boyfriend is a half way boyfriend, a boy who is possibly on his way to being a boyfriend, but not there yet.(not to be confused with): a PSEUDO-boy, which is a boy who you have totally imagined to be your boyfriend, or who conversely, a boy who has totally imagined that you are his girlfriend. The guy you have a crush on and talk about as your boyfriend, or the guy you hang out with all the time who you wish was your boyfriend, these are pseudo-boyfriends. and you know what? a pseudo-boyfriend doesn’t even have to know what your name is, as long as you imagine that ya’ll are dating, that is all that matters.
A quasi-boyfriend has some more stringent requirements. You need to have gone out on a date with him, or at least spent a good bit of time with him (the next morning, boys you just randomly hook up with that don’t call you ever are still pseudo-boyfriends). A real date isn’t required for a quasi-boyfriend, but an occasional sober phone call, a ride home, etc, will suffice. Also, you need to have made out with the boy for him to be quasi, if you have been on a few dates with him and you haven’t made out, still not a quasi, because either you don’t like him, or he doesn’t like you and things are going to end soon.
(both of these should not be confused with a platonic boyfriend, although platonic boyfriends and pseudo-boyfriends can look very similar. a platonic boyfriend is a boy you spend as much time as you do your girl friends. and this is alone time, you and the boy do stuff together, just the two of you, like get ice cream, go running, cook dinner, talk on the phone, etc. things you would do with your roommate, but instead you do with your platonic boyfriend. And for whatever reason, you and platonic boyfriend don’t hook up, at all, beyond cuddling when you watch movies. platonic boyfriends are much more dangerous than pseudo-boyfriends, and should be handled with care. platonic boyfriend relationships usually fall apart when one or the other starts dating someone else, which can be devastating. if you survive one of you dating someone else, AND you live in the same town, then he was never your boyfriend and is probably your brother.)

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