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Crazy people never want to take their medicine. you know in As Good As It Gets, how Melvin (Jack Nicholson) the crazy guy, talks about how his doctor prescribes him pills that make his OCD better, but the problem is that his OCD makes him hate pills? Well, my pills are suppose to make my ADHD better, but I am too ADHD to be able to remember to take the pills. And that just makes me another crazy person who can’t take their medicine. At least I am a happy crazy person. Happy because I am too crazy to recognize what is going on around me. I’m going to be that mother that forgets to pick her children up at school. wait, that would make me my mother. Haha, they always act like children are terribly scarred by being forgotten, my mom used to forget to pick up carpool, and I don’t think I am scarred by it. I knew why she forgot, she is a crazy person. Luckily we lived close enough to school for me to walk to and from school after I was like 7. Don’t worry, I walked with my older brother, my parents would have never let me cross milledge road by myself. If i can’t remember to pick my kids up at school, how am I going to be able to be an attorney? this is a dilema. Well, we will figure that out when the time comes, until then I think I will just stress about how I am going to study for finals, and adderrol should help there. We have exactly three more weeks of school from today, and then a week of study. Four weeks from now, we will have finished our first final exam of our first year. Wow, I can’t talk about it, I might black out.

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ideal boyfriend.

I just want to state that I am looking to date a guy who works for statefarm, so when my friends are like, who are you dating, I can just tell them where his billboard is, and they can go check him out themselves. It could also be cool, if people are like, I think i’ve seen you before, and he could be like, do you drive down epps bridge much, I have a billboard. Or, if he went out of town, and I missed him a lot, I could just drive by and see him whenever I wanted to.

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