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one more thing…

“Travers” (my dad and brother’s name) is the 4,145 most popular LAST name in the United States with a frequency of 0.003% and percentile of 60.989. Travers is a town in Idaho, and is not listed as a first name. Since my brother is the IV, I know there are some out there, but obviously not on this list. Charlsie is a town nowhere. “Paine” is the 2,679th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.005%; percentile is 55.638. but the real winner in this game is that “Kate” is the 35,491st most popular LASTname (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 83.101. Whose last name is Kate you ask? with a frequency of 0.000%, NOBODY! “Kate” is the 464th most popular female FIRST name in the United States; frequency is 0.029%; percentile is 73.401, and there is a Kate, Arkansas. Pretty interesting, huh? not really. (all information is provided by the US census, I’m not sure what year, I’m assuming 2000).


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while being unproductive in the downstairs of the annex, I learned this about my name: “Charlsie” is the 4,085 most popular name in the United States, with a frequency of 0.001% and a percentile of 89.842. there is a women named Charlsie who started a Christian rock record label, a soccer player at Utah State named Charlsie, a 25 year old inmate in Texas, who is set to be released from prison on 7-12-2022, she enjoys drawing, reading and working out, she and I actually have a lot in common, she is a libra and was pre-law before she ended up in jail. There is a Charlsie who is an adminstrative secretary at Tulane, a civil engineer accounting assistant at mississippi state, there is a Charlsie who has a great dane that likes to bite people, and a very cute little girl named Charlsie who actually lives in athens, and was the athens banner herald kid of the day, http://www.onlineathens.com/youthoftheday/daily/010904.shtml, and a painter named Charlsie from Pacific Grove, and a girl in Alabama in high school named Charlsie, who has a livejournal (I added her to my friends list). Okay, that is all I learned about my name today, apparently everyone named Charlsie is on the internet since we only have a frequency of 0.001%, but I guess everyone is on the internet these days…sigh, back to contracts with a good 45 minutes wasted…

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I only have one more pair of contacts left. Getting contacts is a big hassle in Athens, because they have to order them, and I have to pay for them when I order them, and then they are suppose to call me when they come in, which they don’t always do. In Augusta, the booming metropolis, they keep my prescription in stock, and I don’t have to order them. Since I am broke, and I don’t have time to order my contacts, I am going to wait until I go home after finals to get new contacts. So my glasses are my best friends.
(side note, if Coenen doesn’t stop pacing around the room, I’m going to freak out. It is enough to listen to him talk about how contractual duties are either like contagious diseases, or like footballs, because you can give it to someone else, but you either still have it or you don’t. it would be my luck to get caught playing on the internet in the second to last day of class, having made it through the whole year without getting in trouble, even when my volume was turned on by accident and my computer stated “You’ve Got Mail” (luckily, Coenen was yelling about something as usual and didn’t notice)).
Today I thought I would be different and wear my blue frame glasses, instead of my clear ones. Now, I love my blue glasses, but they are much heavier than my clear ones (my clear ones are called 2.5, cause they weigh 2.5 grams, two and 1/2 paper clips). Plus, my blue glasses are my old prescription, very close to the current prescription, but just weak enough that I have a hard time copying Nick’s notes during class off his computer screen.
Last night I ate dinner with Cybil and Michael at Transmetropolitan, which never fails to be the worst restaurant still in business in athens that I find myself supporting. Especially since I am broke due to the fact that I bought Travers tickets to Galactic last week and he owes me money for them, even though I told him I wasn’t going to be able to eat if he didn’t pay me back. Ya’ll think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not, and you know what? I don’t have five pounds to lose right now. That is why I am going home this weekend to study and have my mom feed me, otherwise, by May 7th, people will start talking about my drug problem or my eating disorder. Okay, I am going to go get work done so I can hang out with Christie, who just got home from being in Aspen for six months and is coming to Athens today. If I see you often, I love you, and if I don’t, I miss you…..

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