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Hey kids. I am propped up in my bed at 820 Milledge (augusta, not athens), taking advantage of the new wireless internet access that I hooked up for my parents. Really, it wasn’t for my benefit, since my room is the only room in the house perfectly situated to pick up wireless from the next door neighbors.
This has been quite a relaxing week. There are currently no boys in augusta that have to be sought out or avoided, which is awesome. Not that there aren’t lots of boys to see, but the ones that have a tendency to absorb my thoughts are all at least out of the city, most out of the state, and some out of the country, which leads to an atmosphere that could be boring, but is also good for my nerves. Not that I am left wanting for boys, since my brother’s friends provide ample attention and entertainment, but without the high stress and nerves of a crush.
I ate dinner with my married friends last night, Ginny and Robbie. And Ginny and I split a bottle of wine, left over from the wedding (once you open it, you have to drink it all). It is really interesting, all my friends that are in serious relationships, and/or married, really like me to hang out with them. Like Betsy and Nick like to take me on dates. I’m telling you, I’m a professional third wheel. This is not a problem most of the time, but it does have its own pressures. Like when Nick told me that he couldn’t wait to see who I ended up with (I was telling him about some crush). Nick was excited about my future relationship because he was sure that the guy was going to be awesome and lots of fun, which tons to bring to the table. Now, this is a lot of pressure. So when this comment was uttered, I started to think about some of current and past crushes, and how those boys would measure up. If, introduced to Nick, would they be considered lots of fun with tons to bring to the table? And, let me tell you, just because I have a crush on someone, doesn’t mean they have anything to bring to the table. I mean, most of the time I like boys who have good personalities, but sometimes I might just be physically attracted to them. Not that I am going to end up with some boy that doesn’t bring to the table, but, Nick’s words resound. Really, when I think about some of the boys I have entertained, and I think about whether or not Nick would have anything to say to the guy when Betsy and I went to the bathroom, I don’t always think i have very good taste. Of course, my brother is pretty good about pointing out the boys he doesn’t think much about. the pressure continues to mount. Just because I think the guy is great, what if my friends and my family think he sucks?
I don’t think you should let other people’s opinions influence you too much, but at the same time, I hope that my opinion is taken into consideration if Travers is dating someone I don’t think much about.
On another note, I ate dinner tonight at the Pizza Joint, which is definitely on my top three places to eat downtown in augusta, along with sunshine and luigi’s. Pizza Joint is so fun because you feel like you are kinda hidden from the street. And my friend Michael owns the place, and Michael is great, so eating there is fun because he is normally there. It is like having a standing invitation to eat at a friends house, and you are allowed to bring whoever you want, and stay as long as you want. Tonight it was Helen, Rachel, Paige and I. Good times, good weather.
I can’t believe I am going to Greece. I need to get my act together. I miss all my friends that I haven’t seen, mostly anyone who might read this. I miss you all and I love you all. I am coming to the ATL on monday, and will be progressing on to the ATH on tuesday, so, if you love me and you live in these towns, give me a holler.

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