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I’m in Greece!!
Thoughts from the trip over. In the summer time, everyone who is going anywhere is traveling in a group of at least ten, no one is by themselves, and they all think that there group is the only group on the plane and that everyone else should move to allow their group to all sit together. Americans are innately rude, especially in the JFK airport. I’ve never stood in so many lines, or seem so many near miss fistfights over a cup of coffee or a salad. Airplane movies are on average bad, sometimes you get a good one. Actually, normally they are either great movies you have already seen, or terribly awful movies that you never possessed the least desire to see.
Thoughts once I arrived in Greece. Greeks love food. Greeks drive and act a lot like italians, but honestly I think the Greeks are more concerned with food than italians. But that could just be because I am in a touristy area. Europe has great beer. and wine. We will see what Greece has to offer with the way of liquor, but I don’t have terribly high expectations.
So you know how everyone thinks Greece is probably really hot, well, it isn’t right now. The wind blows about 100 miles an hour around my hotel, and the temperature is about 75 at the hottest, around 65 in the evening, 60 in the morning (which is really cold in the wind). But, my hotel is designed for northern europeans, so we have great breakfast of bread, jam, butter, cheese, pancakes!, fresh fruit, excellent orange juice, good coffee, and chocolate. Dinner last night was a buffet of Greek meats, salad, pasta, cheese, etc. I don’t think I am going to starve, especially since there is a market right down from the hotel that has water, wine, BEER, crackers, cookies, etc, anything you would find at the Roo and more. One thing of note, not much bubble water, more no bubble than bubble, which I found surprising. maybe I just don’t know how to read Greek yet.
I have an excellent roommate, she is from San Antonio, went to Baylor undergrad, and just finished her first year at UT law school. I think we are going to be great friends. Okay, I am going to go find some cookies and maybe a coke to tide me over till lunch (I have one more class), after lunch, I might take a siesta, I am very tired……

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