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Lately, I have been working around the house, and watching movies based on Jane Austin novels on television. Not the old movies, but the new ones, with Gwyneth, Hugh, Ewan, Kate, and Colin. Of course Pride and Prejudice is my favorite, and i haven’t seen that one, but hey, I did watch part of Bridget Jones, which is very reminiscent. I wish I lived in a Jane Austin novel, they always get exciting, and then everything falls apart, and then everything comes together perfectly in the end. And you know it is going to come out perfectly because it is a Jane Austin novel, and they always turn out perfectly. I guess if I was living in the novel, I wouldn’t know that it was all going to work out, so maybe I don’t want to be in the novel. Because I am convinced my own life is going to work out perfectly, so what is the difference.
I am about to go wash my dogs, they are a little distressed. We just got an electric invisible fence, you know, with the shock collars. And we have been working with them for about a week, and they got shocked for the first time today. Bella got kinda stuck, and got shocked for a little longer than we meant for her to, because she wasn’t on a lease like she was suppose to be, and I had to pick her up (I got shocked a little too). Well, i had been a lot more worried about Bo getting shocked, because he is a lot more high strung of a dog, kinda skiddish. Well, Bo recovered from his shock much better than Bella. Bella woudn’t get out of my lap for about a half hour after she got shocked. I’m serious. We had to move the water bowl to her because we knew she was thirsty, but she woudn’t get out of my lap. The only way we finally got her out of my lap was to give Bo a treat, and she wanted one too.
I think Travers is having a party tonight. I think it will be tons of fun, Libby is coming into town, and there are lots of cute boys to play with. And Jennifer is coming into town as well, but I don’t think she is going out tonight, because she has to be at graduation so early in the morning for her little sister. Tomorrow my friend Ike is coming into town, and I am excited, since we haven’t really hung out in about ten years and I think we are going to have tons of fun.
I miss everyone, I love you all, and I hope I will see you all soon. hugs and kisses. XXXXXX OOOOOO

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