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I have decided that I don’t think my blog is very interesting or though provoking, and that it has dwindled into basically an ego-centric story of my day. I promise from now on to be more entertaining, or at least less self involved. Ya’ll really aren’t interested in what I had for lunch or the television shows I watched today. Ya’ll might be interested in my thoughts. there lies the difficulty. I haven’t had a lot of thoughts, and most of them are too law school related to be very interesting, but here is shot at being more interesting.

I think the first few years after college are really hard. I think college is really hard for most people, I know it was for me. Jennifer and I were discussing how we are amazed that people actually fall in love and get married and STAY MARRIED. This is amazing. We understand how people fall in love, but the staying in love seems to be the difficult part. I personally believe that you only stay in love if your relationship is based on something much bigger than the two of you, namely God and Christ. but then you get down to the based on part. If you can have a great foundation, then you can withstand a lot of stuff. but you know what? the world trade centers had a great foundation, the idea was suppose to be that they couldn’t be blown up from the bottom. But most things that attack you don’t attack you at your base. they attack you from the unexpected angle at the unexpected time. So, unless you feel like you have a good base AND that you moderately prepared for what the world is going to throw at you, it is really scary to start a relationship with someone else. Jennifer and I decided it is like selling an unfinished product, entirely too much liability is involved unless the product is close to completion.
I have a friend, an old friend whose relationship has dwindled in the past few years. She has been one of the most important persons in my life for a very long time, and for a very long time she has taken me for granted and really been rather mean to me. And you know what? I have taken it for a long time, because the good times and the friendship I have had with her in the past were of the highest quality I have ever experienced. But we have both changed, and it took us both a long time to accept that the other had changed. I have put a great deal of time and effort in the past at least 2 years into being a part of her life that has not been reciprocated because she is very important to me and I love her dearly. And you know, I’m stubborn, I don’t take no for an answer very well, and it takes me long time get a hint. I have a tendency that once I decide you are REALLY important, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to convince me to take you out of the category(it takes a while to get there). this is why God has protected me and not given me a lot of serious boyfriends so far, otherwise I feel sure I would be a wreck. And I know that she loves me. But I also know that I don’t understand how she can be so oblivious to my feelings. I understand that she thinks I am silly and that the things I stress about are not worth talking about, i don’t know, I know this isn’t the sort of interesting topic I was looking for. Obviously this is an unhealthy relationship for me that I have been in for almost seven years, and has been unhealthy for at least two. But part of this is my fault. I know that I often over estimate my emotional strength (I have an over confidence problem, in all areas of my life). I have given her the opportunity to not have to worry about my feelings for long enough that when I do protest, it is not well met. Well, I don’t have a lot of ex-boyfriends, and the ones I do have are my friends now, so i guess I deserve some bad relationship baggage. But I can promise you that it is most upsetting.

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ever since I exited my torts final and came back to my apartment I have been laying in my bed. I absolutely froze during my exam because the air conditioning(even though it was really only 50 degrees outside this morning) was blowing directly on me all during the exam. And I hate being cold.
So I have been under the covers since 1:30 today, except when maggie came over and we went to zaxby’s for some cookies and a coke. But other than that I have been in the bed. I’m not real sure what has made me decide to be so worthless, but I think i deserve it.
Studying makes me sore. Sitting in a chair, making flash card, leaning over a table has left me in much pain. Monday, I couldn’t go to sleep because my neck and my back hurt so much. And lets not ever talk about my wrist. My wrist, my hand, my ulna nerve, my elbow, all in serious pain. and lets keep in mind that this is all from making flash cards. because I haven’t written more than four sentences at a time on a piece of paper with a pen in about a year. or at least since last summer. typing is the way I communicate. I mean, I think it is a bunch of crap this whole thing about carpel tunnel thing from typing, carpel tunnel is from writing with a pen. and at least when you are typing you can sit up straight, writing with a pen you have to lean over.
I know I should be studying, but instead I have watched love actually (which is really a lot sadder of a movie than i remember, a little too much reality), talked to maggie about boys and crushes and how I am hopeless and how all her exboyfriends are not that cute (which is weird cause she is beautiful)and then I watched the crocodile hunter (who I love) and Two guys and a girl (which I also love) and jennifer and I talked about the people (or groups) that we didn’t like (or that didn’t like us) in college, and then I watched two guys and a girl again, and now I am watching friends. (I also love extreme home makeover). Then i plan on watching will and grace and ER. I have been very good all semester at not getting caught up in television, but tonight I need a new charge.
Some people recharge by eating, or drinking a lot, or running, or talking on the phone, or reading a book, or people watching, or hiking, or dancing. Actually, these are all of my favorite ways to recharge. But a couple of times a year, I really need to watch a bunch of movies and television by myself (or maybe with a choice person) in order to get my life back in order. Actually, I think I just needed to be distracted from thinking about all the different stuff. Like after I took the LSAT I couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights until I went on a 23 mile hike across the divide (I took the LSAT in boulder). Different times call for different measures, and in order to be on top of things next week I needed a break.
I love you all and I miss you all, since I don’t even see my law school friends much lately, but I promise to call everyone in my phone book on friday night and not to remember talking to you later because I also promise to be a bit of a nightmare and to drink too much champagne. may 7th, may 7th, may 7th…….

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one more thing…

“Travers” (my dad and brother’s name) is the 4,145 most popular LAST name in the United States with a frequency of 0.003% and percentile of 60.989. Travers is a town in Idaho, and is not listed as a first name. Since my brother is the IV, I know there are some out there, but obviously not on this list. Charlsie is a town nowhere. “Paine” is the 2,679th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.005%; percentile is 55.638. but the real winner in this game is that “Kate” is the 35,491st most popular LASTname (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 83.101. Whose last name is Kate you ask? with a frequency of 0.000%, NOBODY! “Kate” is the 464th most popular female FIRST name in the United States; frequency is 0.029%; percentile is 73.401, and there is a Kate, Arkansas. Pretty interesting, huh? not really. (all information is provided by the US census, I’m not sure what year, I’m assuming 2000).

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while being unproductive in the downstairs of the annex, I learned this about my name: “Charlsie” is the 4,085 most popular name in the United States, with a frequency of 0.001% and a percentile of 89.842. there is a women named Charlsie who started a Christian rock record label, a soccer player at Utah State named Charlsie, a 25 year old inmate in Texas, who is set to be released from prison on 7-12-2022, she enjoys drawing, reading and working out, she and I actually have a lot in common, she is a libra and was pre-law before she ended up in jail. There is a Charlsie who is an adminstrative secretary at Tulane, a civil engineer accounting assistant at mississippi state, there is a Charlsie who has a great dane that likes to bite people, and a very cute little girl named Charlsie who actually lives in athens, and was the athens banner herald kid of the day, http://www.onlineathens.com/youthoftheday/daily/010904.shtml, and a painter named Charlsie from Pacific Grove, and a girl in Alabama in high school named Charlsie, who has a livejournal (I added her to my friends list). Okay, that is all I learned about my name today, apparently everyone named Charlsie is on the internet since we only have a frequency of 0.001%, but I guess everyone is on the internet these days…sigh, back to contracts with a good 45 minutes wasted…

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I only have one more pair of contacts left. Getting contacts is a big hassle in Athens, because they have to order them, and I have to pay for them when I order them, and then they are suppose to call me when they come in, which they don’t always do. In Augusta, the booming metropolis, they keep my prescription in stock, and I don’t have to order them. Since I am broke, and I don’t have time to order my contacts, I am going to wait until I go home after finals to get new contacts. So my glasses are my best friends.
(side note, if Coenen doesn’t stop pacing around the room, I’m going to freak out. It is enough to listen to him talk about how contractual duties are either like contagious diseases, or like footballs, because you can give it to someone else, but you either still have it or you don’t. it would be my luck to get caught playing on the internet in the second to last day of class, having made it through the whole year without getting in trouble, even when my volume was turned on by accident and my computer stated “You’ve Got Mail” (luckily, Coenen was yelling about something as usual and didn’t notice)).
Today I thought I would be different and wear my blue frame glasses, instead of my clear ones. Now, I love my blue glasses, but they are much heavier than my clear ones (my clear ones are called 2.5, cause they weigh 2.5 grams, two and 1/2 paper clips). Plus, my blue glasses are my old prescription, very close to the current prescription, but just weak enough that I have a hard time copying Nick’s notes during class off his computer screen.
Last night I ate dinner with Cybil and Michael at Transmetropolitan, which never fails to be the worst restaurant still in business in athens that I find myself supporting. Especially since I am broke due to the fact that I bought Travers tickets to Galactic last week and he owes me money for them, even though I told him I wasn’t going to be able to eat if he didn’t pay me back. Ya’ll think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not, and you know what? I don’t have five pounds to lose right now. That is why I am going home this weekend to study and have my mom feed me, otherwise, by May 7th, people will start talking about my drug problem or my eating disorder. Okay, I am going to go get work done so I can hang out with Christie, who just got home from being in Aspen for six months and is coming to Athens today. If I see you often, I love you, and if I don’t, I miss you…..

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quotes from last week

“Who’s that on the wall?” _David
“That? That’s Dwight Eisenhower”_jennifer

“So, was Bobby Jones a pretty good golfer?”-David

“Now, what do those numbers mean?”_David (on the pairing sheet)

“Sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, I take it and throw it in the
dryer” Travers (about his hair)

“Word”-one guess

“He thinks he’s Master DJ of life” (jennifer, about her terrible

“My wife has to be athletic, so I could never marry someone
from the South” David

“Hey look everybody, it’s Don Johnson” Chad

“JR is so hot” everyone

“This place is like Disneyland.” David Swift

“She walked up to me and yelled, ‘She found her panties!'” – Robbie (Howard spit his wine out at this point) (the reference to Tricia lost panties of Saturday night)

“I write the date on them to see how long they last” – Trav
“What is the Z for?” – Libby
“The Z is just a letter.” – Trav
“Is it always Z?” – Libby
“No, sometimes it R or S or T.” – Trav
“Oh.” – Libby
“Tell us what the point of the letter is, I know there is a point.” – Charlsie
“So I can keep the pair together and I don’t end up with a drawer full of mismatched socks.” – Trav (obvious reason)
“Do you have a stamp?” – Libby
“No, I use a big magic marker.” – Trav (to Katie, Libby and Charlsie on why he has writing on his socks

“I thought the true test of whether someone was metro-sexual was if they used hair products.” – Libby
“Have you ever seen my dad’s hair look any different than it does right now, EVER?” – Charlsie
“No, but I thought he just woke up like that.” – Libby
“He wishes” – Charlsie
“Oh.” – Libby

“We are following Tiger.” Jennifer (muttered under breath, obviously ashamed)

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last thoughts….

So, some last thoughts on last week, things to clear up.
Allison, Elizabeth, Libby and I distinguished quasi-boyfriend and pseudo-boyfriend in a late night snacking session, and I would like to share for all of those who were not present. a QUASI-boyfriend is a half way boyfriend, a boy who is possibly on his way to being a boyfriend, but not there yet.(not to be confused with): a PSEUDO-boy, which is a boy who you have totally imagined to be your boyfriend, or who conversely, a boy who has totally imagined that you are his girlfriend. The guy you have a crush on and talk about as your boyfriend, or the guy you hang out with all the time who you wish was your boyfriend, these are pseudo-boyfriends. and you know what? a pseudo-boyfriend doesn’t even have to know what your name is, as long as you imagine that ya’ll are dating, that is all that matters.
A quasi-boyfriend has some more stringent requirements. You need to have gone out on a date with him, or at least spent a good bit of time with him (the next morning, boys you just randomly hook up with that don’t call you ever are still pseudo-boyfriends). A real date isn’t required for a quasi-boyfriend, but an occasional sober phone call, a ride home, etc, will suffice. Also, you need to have made out with the boy for him to be quasi, if you have been on a few dates with him and you haven’t made out, still not a quasi, because either you don’t like him, or he doesn’t like you and things are going to end soon.
(both of these should not be confused with a platonic boyfriend, although platonic boyfriends and pseudo-boyfriends can look very similar. a platonic boyfriend is a boy you spend as much time as you do your girl friends. and this is alone time, you and the boy do stuff together, just the two of you, like get ice cream, go running, cook dinner, talk on the phone, etc. things you would do with your roommate, but instead you do with your platonic boyfriend. And for whatever reason, you and platonic boyfriend don’t hook up, at all, beyond cuddling when you watch movies. platonic boyfriends are much more dangerous than pseudo-boyfriends, and should be handled with care. platonic boyfriend relationships usually fall apart when one or the other starts dating someone else, which can be devastating. if you survive one of you dating someone else, AND you live in the same town, then he was never your boyfriend and is probably your brother.)

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so back to the week….

Friday morning we woke up regretting the champagne we drank, but getting excited. It worked out where Elizabeth and Allison would have tickets in the morning, and I used Kate’s badge (she couldn’t go), and then Travers’s two friends would use the badges in the afternoon. since I am the only one that can use Kate’s badge, cause it has her name on it, but my middle name being Kate makes it all work out, I ended up being the tour guide for travers’s friends.

A & E and I got out there around 10:30 after a trip to bojangles, and we were suppose to meet JR at 10 on the 2 green, but we went by there just to see if he was still there, and guess what, he was. So we walked around trying to find somewhere that we could see some quality golf, and decided to stop on the fifth green, and we watched a bunch of people come through.

Then I had to leave A & E in the hands of JR, because I was suppose to eat lunch with my aunt and uncle, Lynn and Hamp, and my cousin Natalie. Hamp’s dad is a member, Lynn is my mom’s younger sister, and Natalie thinks she and I are the same person, just different ages. she is so cute, I love hanging out with her. We ate with the Irish Golf Association, they gave me a shamrock pin and bought me a drink (lemonade and vodka, they were out of cherry juice).

JR gave A & E a tour of the rest of the course and I met back up with them after lunch and a drink with Jennifer and her family. We also hung out with Chad, who is such a dear, love Chad. We also chatted with Emily and Brad. and some other people hanging around the ropes. With a quick trip to the pro shop for A & E, they went to switch out with Stuart and Shay. JR and I met back with with Stuart and Shay at 6 and 16, and had a blast while we all made fun of each other and walked around trying to get enough beer before they stopped serving. then we went back up to 18 to watch Arnie come through for the last time. Shed a tear, he is so cute. took a long time for him to come through. fought the crowd and made it back to travers house, then got a ride to JR’s car, trying to get to my house so my mom wouldn’t kill me for staying on the course for so long. called my house, libby said my mom wasn’t mad, but was afraid I was going to come home, I think she used the word “slammed”. I told her I wasn’t slammed, and that I would be home soon.

We stopped by the country club to get a velvet hammer, ran into a bunch of people, got back to my house, got an earful for deserting my friends, changed clothes a bunch of times,(I got badly sunburned, my back mostly). Started on the beer, and the bar-b-q, and had a wonderful party. the only people there were people I wanted to be there, and it was a perfect number of people. plus people came and went so it was really entertaining, never got boring (not that any of my friends are boring).

We closed the night out at the partridge inn, this hotel about 2 blocks from my house that has a bar that opens onto this big porch, and it is a lot of fun if it isn’t too crowded. we shagged to the electric slide, and drank some more beer. big times. I might have been what you would call, “slammed” at this point. Ran into law school friends, and Allison scored a badge for Saturday, which is huge. the rest is a little fuzzy. Emily and I ended up sleeping in the single bed in the basement, both of us in the same bed, and Emily slept in her clothes. Katie slept in my double bed upstairs by herself.

Saturday Kate outdid herself by cooking grits and sausage swirls for breakfast and we took showers and got ready. Allison, having secured a badge from Billy, use the ticket in the morning, and then switched out with Katie for the afternoon. Allision, Jennifer, David, Tommy, Libby and I were dropped off by Emily. Saturday is a bit of a fashion show, it is hard to see a lot of awesome golf, but everyone in augusta is there. so we went to 16 and ate lunch, not that there was golf being played on 16 right then, but whatever.

My mom got me a bloody mary, because I needed a pick-me-up. Chad hung out with us, took care of me and jennifer and Libby, as usual. Started to follow Phil around a bit, but then Allison and I had to go switch out with Katie. Katie and I ran back into my parents on the way back to the course, obtained an azalea from them, and headed back to 16 were golf was being played. decided we should get a beer before they stopped serving, and drank our azaleas rather quickly. ate a few more sandwiches. Stole JR’s visor because I thought it looked cute on me and because I was being blinded by the light, the gucci sunglasses weren’t cutting it.

After watching everyone come through 16, we took the shuttle back to the country club, and Chad took us back to my house. once again, love Chad. Sat on the front porch and drank beer while watching the traffic go by, then jennifer and her crew went home for dinner and Libby and Katie and I went to Nalley Land for dinner. best dinner ever, after we soaked our feet in the swimming pool, heated like a bath tub………

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back to reality

So I have spent the last five days in fantasy land, all in the comfort of my own town. One week out of the year, the whole town of Augusta stops, and turns into fantasy land. it is really fun, very disruptive, and one huge, week-long party. I got home wednesday, Kate, my mom, had already had a couple Azaleas (Lemonade, cherry juice, and vodka)(best lemonade ever) while she was at the par three, and she was ready for us to go party. so we went over to Dale(Kate’s best friend) and Buzzy’s house, which we like to call Nalley-Land, because they have the coolest house ever, and drank wine in the garden with my aunt and uncle, Howard and Jan, and then we ate Lamb and twice baked potatos and sugar-snap peas, then continued drinking.

I learned things I never wanted to know and I’m never hanging out with my parents and their friends by myself anymore, because they think they are teenagers. then we sat on the front porch and watched all the Exxon employees who were sent to augusta a day early to get everything ready for the big dog Exxon people, we watched the lower employees have a huge party before the bosses got there. Then I drove my parents home. Once home, Bella head-butted me, busting my lip open and almost knocking out one of my front teeth. lucky I was a little tipsy, so i didn’t start crying, I passed out.

Thursday, I went out to the tournament with Kate, Howard, Daddy(Trav), Dale and Buzzy, and we ate lunch under the umbrellas at the clubhouse and drank Azaleas. then we walked the course some, but got worried about the rain, and ended up leaving around 3 because it started to rain. Got home, finished cleaning my room, and waited on Elizabeth and Allison to get to my house.

My parents were rushing around, because they were suppose to be at Nalley Land so they could get picked up by the shuttle Howard had set up to take them all out to the National to eat dinner. Allison and Elizabeth showed up right before they left. Trav told me right before he left that if we wanted to go see the American Idols at the Mojeska (this weird, cool bar that is in a building downtown that Trav owns) if we wanted to, so we called Michael (the owner of the bar) and got on the guest list.

A and E and I drank a bottle of champagne while getting dressed and then hit up a few parties before going to the Mojeska, where we danced and missed the American Idols (they left ten minutes before we got there), Libby met us there, and then went to the soul bar to hear the local jam band, Red Belly, and hang out with all the people I knew in high school and college and can’t remember their names, and to be picked up by 35 year olds in town for the tournament who have no idea that a beer only cost $2.50, and can’t believe that they can buy us all drinks and not even spend any money. I think we walked away with $20, and got to drink for free all night.

Back home, we raided the refrigerator until 3 in the morning and laughed. the play-by-play of the rest of the week will have to wait until later……

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the tournament

In response to a post by Ashley, I am going to tell ya’ll about what I have been thinking about lately. I have been thinking about the masters. I have not been talking about it because I get distracted and can’t get back to work. I need to pay attention today and tomorrow so I will feel good about skipping out on school for the rest of the week. but you know what, it isn’t working. I went to Heery’s today, just to make sure there was nothing that I needed to have for this weekend, and guess what, i found some stuff. I was really doing really well with not thinking about the masters until i talked to my mom and she told me that she and my aunt and uncle spent three hours eating lunch and drinking azaleas outside the clubhouse, and ever since I got that mental image in my head, I’ve been worthless. Also, I can watch live coverage of the 16th hole at http://www.masters.org, and since it is the practice round I can watch the players skip the ball on the water. Most of the time it doesn’t make it to the green, but it is still fun to watch. I am also very sad that Palmer is making his last apperance, but I am planning on being there to see him go down in a blaze of glory. Who thinks I am going to get anything done today? I need a vote of confidence. Tomorrow I will post a real list of things I am planning on doing this week, but going through the plans right now will make me too excited and I won’t be able to sit through Coenen’s class…….I love everyone who reads this trash i post.

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