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I am still alive…..in Greece

Hello everyone!! I am sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth in the past couple of weeks, but I will be home soon! I am in Kefalonia, with Helen Dalis, and we are having a great time. I left Spetses on Saturday, the 10th, and went to Athens. Athens was quite possibly the hottest place I have ever been. Really, I thought I might die, or at least melt into a puddle on the steps of the Parthenon. Mama was still with me, and we were able to stay in the best hotel in Athens, and they took very good care of us. Saturday night I met up with Dave and Justin who were on their way to Rhodes, and we went out to this really cool bar on the water that was shaped like a boat that the guy at the front desk of our hotel recommended. We were comfortably the only Americans in the bar, highly probably the only kids that weren’t greek. Sunday Helen met up with us and we were taken on a tour of athens by a car driver who designated himself our personal tour guide. He demanded that we speak Greek and talked to us the whole time in Greek, with a few words of english thrown in, but precious few. Needless to say we learned a great deal. Monday morning Mama left for the states, and helen and I caught a bus to Patra. Patra is the 3rd largest city in Greece, so Helen and I anticipated being able to check our email. Well, too bad half of Greece lost power monday afternoon. Remember the blackouts in New York last summer? Ummm, yeah, that is Greece right now. Since everyone lost power, including all of Athens (thank the Lord that we left Athens when we did, because without electricity, there is no air conditioning, and I would have LOST it if we had to stay in athens with no air conditioning) all the stores closed, and we couldn’t catch a ferry to Kefalonia until 8:30 that night. So Helen and I did what any intelligent americans would have done, we got a beer. Then we went and met up with the people who had the key to the house on the island. Hero was the woman’s name and she was adorable, and wanted to take care of us, and wanted us to stay the night, but was worried with the power outage that we wouldn’t get to the island the next day, and we had already bought our ferry tickets. She settled on feeding us some apricot dessert, taking us back to town, buying us a beer and a greek salad, and putting us safely on the ferry. Helen and I have started picking out americans by their shoes, and we spotted a guy with rainbows on, and we decided to make friends. After watching the sun set on the deck, we went inside and sat in the line of vision of rainbows and then Helen went to the bathroom, and I turned around and stared for a second, made eye contact, smiled, and turned back around, and put in my earphones. two minutes later he came over and asked if I spoke english, and we ended up making friends with him and his friend, they both just graduated from the Air Force academy. We are suppose to meet up with them at the beach today, but anyways, it was good company on the ferry. Okay, I have to go because my time is about to run out and I want ya’ll to know what I am up to. I miss you and I love you and I can’t wait to talk to you on the phone next week!!!!!!!!! hugs and kisses

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