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I’m in love with my international contracts professor. His name is Ole Lando, and he basically wrote all the EU codes on contracts. He is a little short danish man, and is so sweet. My face was a little burned yesterday and he told me that I still retained my beauty, and that I was burned because I am from a more nordic race than he is. He is great. and deaf. I love spetses, I don’t think I would come home ever except for the fact that I miss all my friends and that football season starts in 64 days. Let me tell ya’ll about my new best friends. Most of them were also in Rhodes, and this is nice, because we have really bonded in the past month, and it is cool to have the same experience. I spend most of my time with Andy and Michael and Erin. I absolutely adore all three of them. They make me happy. And I spend ALL of my time with them. Andy and Michael and I pass notes during class. Andy makes the best facial expressions, Michael has the prettiest eyes, and Erin is my saving grace, I would be lost without her. And they all make me laugh, and we are all very tan. Andy and Michael have been planning the sports that my children are going to play in college and professionally, they think I should have 8. I also spend a lot of time with Eric, Mike, Rea, Purna (the big purn), and Dan. Mike might possibly be the funniest person I have ever met. And Rea speaks and reads Greek perfectly (cause she is greek american), and this comes in handy a great deal of the time, since Greek is a little difficult to read (wrong letters and everything). Plus she is cool. Purna is the cutest, she is cute when she is sober, and then she has one beer and is even cuter. Eric takes very good care of me and looks out for me, makes sure I don’t lose stuff or get left. Eric was our boat captain when we went out on the boat and saved us from disaster a couple of times. Dan went to UGA and goes to law school in boulder, so we have lots to talk about. The new additions to the group are Beth and Leigh Anne, Todd, James, and the Greek girls – Alexia, Dora, and Rhonia. Beth and Leigh Anne are from Indiana and grew up together, they are really fun girls (Leigh Anne was a THETA!), Todd is awesome, I could talk to Todd about nothing or everything for hours – he has had a very interesting life, James is from somewhere near New Orleans, but he went to Penn, and he is very louisiana. We have a tendency to get into it about SEC football, but he makes me laugh, so it is okay. The Greek girls are the best, all three of them are so cool and sweet. Dora goes to law school in the UK, and speaks better english than I do, Alexia and Rhonia both go to law school in greece, but they are finished with class and now have internships, it works a little different over here. It is so cool because I feel like I am actually learning about law over here just from being around them. They are all very smart girls, and very pretty. That should be everyone, if I forgot anyone, I am really sorry, I don’t have much of a brain. So basically we lay out on the beach (well, it is kinda a beach) and play in the water, we wait for the hydrofoils and catamarans to come by and play in the wake they leave. Even though we don’t do much of anything, it is a very intense environment, since we are around each other all the time. But guess what? MAMA IS COMING ON SATURDAY!! I am so excited, and so is everyone else. tomorrow we are going to the mainland to see all the homer stuff and where it all happened, and then tomorrow night we are going to see a greek play in an ancient greek theater, outside of course, and guess what? There is a full moon tomorrow. Greek tragedy, greek theater, in greece, full moon…..wow, I just got chills and I’m not even there yet……But then on saturday I am going to meet mama in athens and she is coming to Spetses!! It is going to be awesome. I miss you all and I love you to death.

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