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I never properly gave an entry for my time on kefallonia, and I don’t want to lose it, so here it is. Helen and I arrived in Kefallonia via a Blue Star ferry named Kefallonia. As I have said, we made friends with two guys who just graduated from the Air Force Academy on the ship, Steven and Jeb and made plans to meet up with them on Wednesday. Once on the island, we took a taxi to Lakethria, to our house on a cliff. It was a long taxi ride and we didn’t get in the house until around 1:30 in the morning. We were both a little uneasy being by ourselves in this house, but we shook it off. The house did not have air conditioning, but it did have these huge windows/doors that led out to the porch with huge pull down screens. Without these doors open, the house got quite hot, but with the doors open, it was quite cool. There are also ceiling fans, which helps a lot. Tueday we awoke quite hot, but very excited about the day. We cleaned up the house a bit, and rearranged the furniture. Then we went to wander around the town. Lakethria is the cutest town, and there was a great cool breeze blowing, and lot of sun, and flowers, and flowers, and flowers. We visited the chocolate store, where the man told us he was there all day long and late into the night, and we promised him we would be back to sample everything soon, but first we needed some real food. We also had plans of going into Argostoli, which is the capital, about 10 minutes drive away, and renting a car and checking our email. First we went to visit our new next door neighbor who owns a souvalki takeout restaurant, and who offered us a drink and wanted to make sure we were okay, and who insisted on giving us his extra cell phone until Helen could get her own. Well, it turns out that we couldn’t find a taxi, and we ended up eating at a restaurant in Lakethria, visiting the chocolate man and getting lots of cakes and other delicious concoctions and heading back to the house to enjoy the porch. We called the rental car place we had been instructed to call by Hero, and the man said he was also a neighbor and that he would bring the car to us, later that afternoon. We thought this was awesome, so we ate cake and I taught Helen how to play Tavli while we looked off the cliff into the Ionian sea. That night we went to the pizza place down the road and drank big beers and talked about life. More later….

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