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Hello everyone!!! I am back where I started, in the chair in the den of my parents house, with my dogs chewing up my stuff, burying bones in the pillows of the coach, and barking up a storm; watching primetime in the daytime on TNT, eating caramel cake and drinking coke. I think I have been doing a good job of recovering from jet lag, i went to sleep at 10 last night and woke up at 11 this morning, but at least I am on the right time schedule. Next on my list of things to do today is to decide when to go to Athens and when to go to Atlanta. I am thinking about going to athens on friday, and then to Atlanta on Saturday. Does anyone have strong feelings about this? (I mean, obviously everyone has strong feelings about me coming to their place of residence, but does anyone think I should come to the ATL on friday and athens on saturday?) I need to athens on friday because I have to set up our water for our new apartment (very exciting!) – but I can go through athens on my way to atl, either way. Monday we are moving, and then I am going to the mountains for a few days. But I want to see as many of you as possible this weekend, so please let me know if you are going to be around, or what the plan is. I love and miss you all, please post and let me know what you think. I would love to update more about my trip, but I think it is time to move on with the rest of my life, maybe a little later i will feel up to it. I can’t wait to see you!!!!!!

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