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Run down is not even the word. I am worn out. I’m so tired I don’t even know what to do to not be tired anymore. I can’t even sleep anymore I am so tired. I didn’t think this was a possible state of affairs. Especially for someone like me who loves to sleep. It is kinda like how the worst side affect of adderrol is that you don’t really enjoy food anymore. Food and sleep are the greatest. Maybe I should eat some more food and then try to sleep some more. Yesterday I drove to the ATL, and met up with Betsy and Katie. We got some chocolate chip cookies from the nestle store in phipps, which is always a must when in the buckhead area. Last night we went to the Park Tavern, which was an awesome place. Cristina and Brandon met up with us and it was wonderful to sit on the edge of the park and see the lights of midtown in the distance. After dinner we went to the bars, and it was almost like being in Athens, but transplanted to atlanta. I am very excited about going back to Athen tomorrow, I really miss the place. I don’t know if I miss all of the stuff that goes along with law school, or all of the people, but I miss most of the stuff and most of the people. It will be interesting to see how this summer has changed the way I feel about law school and whether I have changed or not. It is interesting to have life changing experiences and then to see how they apply to your real life. Because this summer wasn’t real life. It was wonderful and amazing, but it is hard for it to be real life, since we were so far away from home and the stress of real life was so far away. I’m rambling, I think i need to take a nap. XXXX OOOO

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