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I can’t deal with this cold snap. I really want it to be warm. I really do. I mean, I guess if I have to be in the library anyway it should at least be cold outside, but it would be nice to take a break in the sun for a little while. But it is a little too chilly. As far as the lyric game goes, apparently I made them a little too hard. For that I apologize. Maybe I will play it another time and make it a little easier. I will give the answers out tomorrow. I went to a lecture about Terry Schiavo today, and I realized that I didn’t know much of any thing about the case at all. It was interesting, but at the end the discussion got to be a little over my head and I was ready to leave before people started throwing bows (just kidding, it wasn’t that bad). I was glad I went. I think that law school classrooms should have doors that don’t make noise when you open and close them. It is distracting and annoying, but there are always going to be situations where the door might need to be opened during a lecture. I think the disruption should be minimized. Someone invent a quiet door. I am reading Angels and Demons, a book I probably should have read last summer when everyone was reading it, but I hate to read what everyone else is reading – something in my contrary nature causes this impulse, so I didn’t read it then. But I am reading it now. I will keep you updated on my thoughts on it. I doubt it will have pretty prose that I will post here like I did for The Beautiful and the Damned, but I’m sure I will have more to say about it later. Hmmm….If anyone sees my attention span, will they please return it to me – I’ll be in the annex. See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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