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This is killing me – Michael really scares me. White socks are really the absolute worst in my opinion.

I really miss John Paul II. I don’t know about this new guy. John Paul II shook my hand! Rome needs me.

Jessica had a dream that she and Jamie had to go on a double date with Karl Lagerfeld, and Karl’s date didn’t show up, and Jamie kept trying to talk to the head of Chanel about UGA football.

I am crying, this is hilarious. In case you needed help picking out your shoes, the Manolo is here for you.

Gosh, I have to get my act together. The quality of posts has officially started to decline while the quantity is increasing. I can promise that this will be a trend for the next two weeks.

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This is a bit ridiculous

Umm, so remember how last week I said that the signs were up on the library doors telling people not to come in if they aren’t a law student?

Well, now they are IDing us at the door. All the guy did was glance at my ID. I think he might have had a list of the names of people in law school, but he didn’t look mine up. So this is stupid, all the UGA ids look the same.

Now, I know that they are IDing people because some stuff has gotten stolen, and I do really appreciate the school worrying about our stuff, because I like to leave my stuff when I go to lunch and I don’t want it to be stolen. And it makes sense that the person stealing things might not be a UGA student.

What I want to know is, can I have a stamp? I asked the guy if I got a stamp, so I wouldn’t have to show my id next time. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I will bring him a stamp tomorrow. I think I have one.

That way it makes me feel like I went to a concert or something fun. Instead of being in the library all night.


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For the Record

I am in a fantastic mood. No good reason for it, I have more work to do then I can think about, but I am still feeling quite chipper.

I hope everyone else is having as good a monday as I am. I’m going to go learn some Con Law.

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