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Okay, I have no patience with people who don’t update their blogs during finals. I mean, this is the most important time for blogs, when people need them the most. You can’t abandon us all right now.

In other news – Who else is going to fail Natural Resources with me? Lauren? Maggie?

Tragedy of the Commons – What is wrong with the freedom of breeding? People who see the problem will stop, and the bad people will continue to breed and the bad people will overtake the good. How do we escape this tragedy? Infanticide? Mutual Coercion? (I swear this is right out of Jason’s notes).

Is it a major federal action or proposal for legislation that will significantly affect the human environment?

Is this a federal action or is this just discretionary?

Do you have a Biological Opinion on that?

What are the pros and cons of the Wilderness Act?

What about Con Law? Substantive Due Process vs. Equal Protection? Wanna Fight about it?

But before we fail these other classes, we first have to fail evidence. With precious Professor Carlson. Staci told me that Professor Dupre said that our evidence final was going to be impossible. I think this sounds like something Professors say to scare law students. Professor Dupre should concentrate on scaring the 1Ls – the rest of us are too jaded to care.

Oh! I saw Lonnie Brown today. And I was on top of things enough to call him, “Professor Brown” instead of Lonnie. Calling professors by their first names to their face is not very respectful – even if you do it behind their backs. They all have such great first names, it is hard. Professor Coenen is such a Dan. And Professor Love’s name is Sara Jane. Professor Dupre looks like an Anne. The Best of the Best is Lonnie Brown. What a cool name. Don’t you just want to call Professor Carlson – Ron? (at least Carlson calls us by our first names).

But I guess if they are going to call us by our last names, we should use their last names. It is interesting to be called, Miss Paine. I kind of like it. Christian calls me Miss Paine.

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