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Twilight in the morning

I have decided to stop giving the security guard a hard time. His job is to check IDs at the door of the law library. From now on, I will have my ID with me and offer it without being asked, and I will not act exasperated. Just because I hate being IDed in general and find it a ridiculous hassle doesn’t change the fact that it is his job. Who am I to deprive this man of his day’s work? It isn’t his fault that it is pouring down rain outside. It isn’t his fault that I can’t keep up with my student ID. It isn’t his fault that I expect to be recognized after one encounter – just because I have some vanity issues I need to deal with doesn’t mean that he should suffer because of them. Especially if I am going to take my fleece on and off all day. And if he wants to smoke a cigarette and ID me at the door of the building, well, he has that right I guess.

I am the reason we need the security guard in the first place. I really like being able to leave my stuff in the library, and if this means that we have to show our IDs, I’m more than OKAY with it. I leave my stuff laying around the library all the time AND I invite random people to come check out the law library. A couple of months ago I was in the main library – for no real good reason – and these rather different looking guys (they all had neon colored hair and looked like some of the euro-teen backpackers I meet last summer in greece) – well these guys asked me the guest pass for the main library computers. I told them that I didn’t know what the password was, but if they went to the law library across the quad that those computers didn’t have passwords (this is probably the kind of thing that they should revoke my library privileges for).

These guys really looked like they were just passing through, and I wanted them to have an positive experience at UGA. Silly me. These guys became regular patrons of the law library. One day I went outside and Tunde was teaching one of them how to improve his juggling skills (which made me feel a little better about inviting these guys over). I wanted to run into the library and make a public announcement that Tunde was juggling outside, but I restrained myself and calmly watched while interjecting things like – “OH! You almost had it!” and “WOW! That was Awesome!” and “I’m Impressed!” (Law school can be a lot like camp sometimes).

In other news, pray that the law school doesn’t get struck by lightening, because I would really have to just quit if my computer got blown up by lightening this week. I am confident that I couldn’t deal with such a catastrophe.

Also, I really need some new music. Pete says I need to study and not play on iTunes looking for new music. So if you have any suggestions, let me know. I’m pretty open and I think I need to branch out.

I think I am going to go play russian roulette with the coke machines downstairs.

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