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Hate Law School? So do we!

Jessica and I are in room 481 of the Student Learning Center. We aren’t sure if we are ever going to leave. This joint doesn’t close until Wednesday, May 11th at 6 pm. And although I guess I have to leave to take my exam, that doesn’t happen until Monday at 1:30. And Jessica doesn’t have to leave until tuesday at 9. We’re going to play it by ear, but we might need someone to bring us some food, we might get tired of jittery joes and chik-fil-a. Oh yeah, and we might need some soap to bathe in the bathroom with. But the greasy look is sort of in.

We look homeless people anyway – jessica’s pants are three inches too short, and I need a shopping cart to carry all my stuff around. And we both already need showers. And we have already eaten all of our blow pops.

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We are making a mess. Oh well, Dot will clean it up.

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