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I don’t know what my problem is, or why it has taken me so long to do this, but I need to introduce everyone to my adorable friend Jennifer, and her blog, Without Further Ado, www.jenniferlbrown.blogspot.com

I have been pressuring Jennifer for months to make her blog public, because she is a spectacular writer, and I think the world should get to read her high quality work product. 

Jennifer lives in Washington, D.C. with Emily, and she works as a copy editor at an ad agency. 

Please go leave Jennifer lots of comments and love, she deserves it. 

I love you Brownie!!!!!

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How much would I love to have a Candle Digital Clock

What, you’ve never seen a Candle Digital Clock?

I mean, let’s talk about inefficiency.  Right there.  It almost makes me feel useful.

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The coffee machine is out of commission.  Someone pushed the button twice and too much water came out and shorted out the machine. 

This is a serious situation, as I have never been around such crazy coffee drinkers in my life, and I’m in law school.  I have to make decaf, because the adderall and the caffeine are not good friends, and everyone acts like I am the vegetarian at the steakhouse in Texas. 

David (one of my attorneys) said that it will eventually dry out and the world will right itself and people’s heads will stop exploding.  But until then, I think I am going to close my door and hid under my desk.

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