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I have decided to just go ahead and make a new category for weddings.  Because weddings will be consuming my life for the next month, and I can see many more weddings cropping up in the next year or so. 

This past weekend I went to Dallas for the wedding of Catherine Anne, who was in my pledge class and who I studied abroad with in college.  She was a beautiful, happy, relaxed bride, and the wedding was tons of fun.  My favorite part was the champagne bar, where you could get fruit juice, fresh fruit, candy, etc of your choice in your champagne.  It was excellent.  The other highlight of the weekend for me was the dessert at the rehersal dinner, which was creme brulee in a milk chocolate shell.  I’m serious when I say I am going to have dreams about for years.  It was better than meeting a cute boy. 

In addition to watching Catherine Anne walk down the aisle, I got to spend some quality time with some old friends, like Neiman Marcus and Maggie (no, really, I did get to hang out with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time and I wish I saw everyone more often).

I stayed with my love Kallie, who I met in Greece last summer and who I absolutely adore.  I haven’t seen her since Greece, but I have high hopes of her one day making her home somewhere in the metro atlanta area where I can watch her become a high power attorney and we can go to expensive lunches.  She is going to be a 3L at UT in Austin and is working in Dallas for the summer.  Kallie was the source of the best story of the weekend I think.  Kallie is splitting her summer with two firms in Dallas, and had a dinner Saturday night at one of the partner’s houses (they actually call them shareholders, not partners, but regardless).  So Kallie came to the reception after the dinner, even though she doesn’t know Catherine Anne, or anyone else involved, Catherine Anne told me to bring her, and I really wanted Kallie to get to meet my other friends.  Well, by the time Kallie gets to the reception, we have been drinking champagne for a while, and I introduce Kallie to Catherine Anne’s brother Michael, who just graduated from medical school.  Somehow I neglect to tell Kallie that Michael is Catherine Anne’s brother, and here is how the conversation went (by the way, Kallie did get to meet Catherine Anne before this happened, she really wasn’t crashing the wedding):

M:  So what are you doing in Dallas?
K:  Well, I’m clerking for two law firms, I just finished my second year.
M: Really?  What firms are you working for?
K:  Firm W for the first half and then Firm H & L for the second half, I’m rotating in the business part, contracts, real estate, that sort of thing. 
M:  Oh, well, my dad is a partner at H & L, actually, he is one of the founding partners, he works in real estate – venture capital.
K:  Really?  I love that sort of thing, who is your father, what is his last name?
M:  Well, he is the father of the bride.
K:  Oh, right, yes. 

(eventually it is all sorted out and Michael introduced Kallie to his dad, who I know and think is great, and it all ends up being hilarious and Catherine Anne’s dad promised to get Kallie a project). 

Catherine Anne’s wedding was the first of my June weddings, and from here on out I have a wedding every weekend for the next month except the weekend of the 4th of July.  So counting this last weekend, five weeks, four weddings; Dallas, Sea Island, Augusta, and Athens.  I am heading down to Saint Simon’s on Thursday of this week for the Sea Island wedding, and I am looking forward to laying on the beach.  I haven’t been to the beach since Spring Break, in contrast to  last summer when I spent seven weeks on the beach in Greece. 

But work has been terribly interesting this morning, give me a little while and I will get back to you on that topic.

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