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I am happy to inform y’all that I am making a conscious effort to act
like a grown up today.  I got to work before 9 am, and I am just
now putting my socks on, I am making a conscious effort not to sit on my feet,
and I am drinking decaf coffee. 

I have already order the gift for the wedding I am attending this
weekend, and I have no pressing obligations that I am failing to do by
writing this post. 

After sending a sob email from yesterday (I apologize to those of you who received it, I have basketcase tendencies sometimes, but just a little EDD), I went to run in the rain,
where I ran into bambi and a bunch of other deer.  Bambi was on
the wrong side of the path from the adult deer, and I was on the
path.  I respectfully backed up, having heard it is a bad idea to
get in between a wild animal mother and child, and even though bambi was
too afraid to cross the path (even after I gave him some space), mama deer was not, and they were reunited
on the wrong side of the path in the trees that were planted all neatly
in a row and looked very pretty with the sun shining down and the rain
dripping off the branches.  Because, yes, it was raining.
The devil was beating his wife the whole of my run, or at least two
minutes into it, and stopping two minutes before I did.  There is something I enjoy about the oppression of humidity and heat, I know, it is sick, and I can promise 95% of the general population would have deemed the conditions under which I ran yesterday as  MISERABLE, but I have to say, as a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The upside to running in the rain is that at the end of my run I got to
see an entire half of a rainbow, from one side of the sky to the other,
stretched across the horizon.  Then I walked
around and picked a big magnolia flower for my adoptive summer mom,
stretched out my calf muscle that I pulled while I was running, and
drove home. 

And I watch The Empire Strikes Back last night, and Yoda made me want to cry because I miss Jim Henson and it is painfully obviously what is missing from the new Muppets now that he is gone, and obviously, what is missing from the computerized Yoda.

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