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Bumper Stickers

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said,  DON’T GET TO CLOSE, I’M NOT THAT KIND OF CAR. 

My friend Robert was volunteering at an orphanage, helping to fix up the place, not actually playing with the children,  and while painting the walls of a bathroom saw a bumper sticker that said, PROUD PARENT OF AN ACCELERATED READER. 

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Law Firms

Being a girl in a law firm is funny.  Because there are definitely more males than females in the legal world. 

My dad’s roommate from college and law school told me one time right after I got into law school that I needed to make sure I didn’t try to be one of those mean woman attorneys who tries to act like a man.  I’m still not sure what he was talking about, but I think it was probably the only time anyone has ever warned me not to act like a man. 

But I really like hearing about other girl’s experiences in the legal world.  Especially girls that aren’t working for BigLaw in Big Cities, because smaller cities seem to have the best stories (cute girls with good greats are treated like royalty as summer associates at BigLaw, from what I have heard).   I love what Lauren, who is in Savannah this summer,  has to say about being the token girl amongst boys with wives and babies

I’ll keep you posted if I run across any more funny stories of girls in law firms. 

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