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pet project

I basically spent the first two weeks of work on one project.  Needless to say I have gotten rather attached to this one project, and I love being interrupted from the new projects to talk about the old project.

Because I don’t have to learn anything new for the old project, I just have to remember.  New projects take a lot of hard thinking.  I might actually know the answer to a question regarding the old project.  And I like being able to add, it makes me feel useful. 

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I have been checking my grades compulsively.  I got back three grades yesterday, and I have two more still out. 

My sports law teacher emailed me today to tell me that he never received my paper.  I thought I had emailed it to him on the 10 of May.  Well, I sent him an email – but didn’t attach it correctly, and he responded to my email, and I assumed that meant he had received the paper.  I almost had a heart attack at the tender age of 24 ½. 

But I emailed the paper to him for real this afternoon, and the file hasn’t been modified since May 10th, and he emailed me back and told me that he would grade it today, so everything is okay. 

The bottom line is that I only have one grade that could possibly show up on my georgia law this afternoon, but for some reason I can’t stop signing in and checking every 15 minutes (okay, okay, every five minutes). 

The ridiculous part is that I haven’t even thought about my grades in around three weeks.  But now I am making myself crazy.   I have some obsessive tendencies. 

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Good morning everyone!!!  I am in a fantastic mood, and I have great plans of being super productive and useful today.  It is raining outside, but I got lots of sleep last night and am feeling well rested and refreshed. 

I have a cup of hot coffee, and my office hasn’t gotten too cold yet, and my only complaint is an injury I sustained to my thumbnail which hurts. 

Other than that, my bug bites are getting better, my hair is being cooperative (my best hair days are when it is raining, isn’t that weird?), I like what I have on, and I have a shiny new website. 

But I must give a large thanks to my wonderful friend Pete for helping me move my site.  And when I say helping, I mean, doing it for me.  He is oh so very clever. 

Okay, I’m off to be terribly intelligent and highly verbal. 

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