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Allison, Cristina and I went to breakfast this morning at Five Star.  We normally go on Tuesdays, and Christy goes with us, but yesterday Allison couldn’t go, and Five Star was closed, so Cristina, Christy and I went to the May Flower instead. 

We noticed a couple of interesting things this morning. 

The parking meter lady and the bacardi delivery guy are in some sort of relationship.  And they were having some sort of drama this morning.  We watched them halfway talk, halfway make out for about half an hour. 

Allison isn’t ready to get married.  Here is her quote:

"I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I want to elope, and then just have a party.  And by "have a party" I mean send out an evite for everyone to meet us at a bar and buy us drinks.  Not to rent the place out or anything.  I think this is evidence that I’m not ready to get married quite yet."

The weather is so amazing right now, it makes me tremendously happy to sit outside and eat breakfast.

Last night I was being antisocial.  I bought House on dvd, and it is my new favorite show.  I LOVE IT. 

I also recently acquired some new coffee travel mugs.  If you are in the market for new coffee travel mugs, these are what you needThermos_1

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