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I apologize for not updating in a couple of days, I’m irresponsible and y’all deserve more from me than that. 

Sometimes I think I don’t have anything to say, but those of you who know me in real life know that isn’t true, so I guess sometimes I think the things I have to say aren’t that interesting. 

But if you don’t think I’m interesting, then you can click on one of the interesting links I have on the sidebar. 

So, that being said –

I bought a 1L a coke out of the vending machine today.  He felt bad, and didn’t want to spend my dollar, but I told him I owed everyone at this school a lot of money for cokes, so it was okay. 

Everyone in my corporations class is a lot more with it and together than I am as far as this class goes.  But Tyson did get yelled at for coming into class late, which was pretty funny. (notice, that if I saw this, it means I wasn’t late.  That’s right, I was on time). 

My 8:30 class was cancelled for this morning, which gave me the opportunity to hit snooze hundreds of times.  I mean, I wish I was intelligent enough just to resent my alarm for twenty minutes later.  That way, I would actually get twenty minutes of sleep, instead of waking up every five. 

Did y’all watch that game last night?  It was CRAZY!!!!  I can’t believe Tennessee pulled it out in the end.  Craziness.  I was disappointed by the first half of the game, because it was pretty boring and LSU was killing Tennessee.  I don’t like either team, but I at least wanted it to be a good game.  Well, I got my wish. 

Apparently the reason Vanderbilt is 4-0 is that they have finally gotten some thugs on their football team

I need to go the grocery store very badly.  I need some food for lunch, and some pop tarts, and some propel, and some coffee, and some half and half for my coffee.  Maybe I will cook something.  Who knows. 

I finally got my new atm card and got it activated.  This is very exciting because I can now eat at places other than restaurants that take bulldog bucks.  (before I cancelled my card, after I lost it, I put $100 on my UGA card, because I had the card number.  which is how I was able to buy the 1L a coke this morning). 

Even though I’m a terrible student, I actually like being in class.  Because, in class, I’m not suppose to be doing anything.  I’m allowed to play on the internet.  I’m not wasting time on the internet.  I’m keeping myself from losing it during class. 

House comes on tonight.  Who is excited?  I can’t wait!!!!

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