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Thoughts on the weekend

I think I am going to let Maggie’s account suffice for right now, because, well, she said it all so well. 

Read it here.

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I love these pictures from last year.  The Georgia side is full, and the Florida side is completely empty.  Seriously, this is such a cool game because of the equalness of tickets.


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Gooooo Georgia Bull-Dawgs

Okay, so I’m really starting to get excited.  It is that time of year again kids, time for the Georgia Florida Game!!!! (someone said that people in Florida call it the Florida Georgia game, which is evidence that they grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. 

I get really nostalgic during the Georgia Florida game, I remember the first Georgia Florida game I ever went to, it was 1992, and I had just turned 12, I was in the sixth grade, and my father had promised me that there would be candy at The Landing, Landing
since I would be missing my first traditional Halloween festivities.  And by candy, he meant Beer.  Because the Landing is a half circle  mall with bars and a stage for music in the middle.  I guess there might have been some bubble gum machines.  I was disappointed. 

That was back in the day when they were stupid enough to split the stadium into quarters, alternating Georgia section with Florida section and increasing the area where Georgia Fans HAD to sit next to Florida fans, which caused a great deal of trouble and broken noses. 

Now, as I will probably tell a few people this weekend, my dad scored a touchdown at the Georgia Florida Game back in the late 60s, on a 46 yard dash, and we have a video clip of it, it is quite hilarious to watch him skip around after he scores. 

We had a bad few years with Florida, but I think that we have gotten past that, and even though Shockley is hurt and can’t play this weekend, we are going to win.  I have a lot of faith in this team.  And you should too.  I want you to read this article that is in the Red and Black today. It is about D.J. Shockley and Kedric Golston, two of our best players who are both seniors.  This was Shockley’s one and only chance to start at the Georgia Florida game.   I’ll share with you a few excerpts that I found especially touching:

"As long as we get a win, I’ll be satisfied."
"A lot of people are making a big deal out about me being out, but I think everybody knows how our team is – everybody knows we can get it done, everybody knows one person doesn’t make the team.  I think from day one, that’s what we’ve all been about, being united as a team.  That’s really been a key to our success this year, that everybody has been playing as a team and not just as one person trying to do one thing."

"Playing in the Florida game is one of the reasons you come to Georgia, to miss it my senior year is bad, but to miss it with a year like we’re having – we haven’t lost any games, and we’ve made such a brotherhood on this team – I hate to not be out there with those guys, doing anything I can to help them win.  "

"I’m older now, I don’t look at is as being, My God, I wish I could play in this game, I look at it as, my team’s going to go play in this game, and I want them to do the best they can, whether or not I can play.  Just sitting back and watching them play is going to be just as exciting for me as if I was out there playing."

But my favorite quote of all I think is this one:

  "Senior offensive guard Max Jean-Gilles, however, said seeing Shockley and Golston out for the Florida game ‘hurts me in the heart,’ so he has tried to offer Shockley as much comfort and support as he can.
  ‘I tell him, "We’re going to do this right," Jean Gilles said. "We’re going to make Joe T feel comfortable.  We’re going to win."

Followed by this one by Senior tackle Gerald Anderson: 

"We have to go out and win it for him.  If we win it for him, we can set him up to play in bigger games for the rest of the season."

Wow.  I think we have some real team players on our hands.  And that, makes me very excited. 

Other fun links to visit for Georgia Florida Game:

The Hater Bowl

Jean Shorts for Florida Fans

Just in case you need an attorney while you’re down there..

If you read the comments for #4 Georgia and # 18 Florida, you should get a good laugh.  Especially Florida. 

I’ll add some more links later, I gotta do a little reading….

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Townie Acceptance

After more than six years of investing a good bit of quality time eating at Five Star, drinking at 283, living it up at the Globe, drinking tall boy PBRs at the 40 Watt, lounging at Room XIII, popping tots at Clocked, and the occasional trip to the Manhattan, Cristina and I have finally been acknowledged as acceptable by the City of Athens. 

Six months of eating breakfast at Five Star once a week finally got us a sponsorship – the cool girl at the counter GAVE us free tshirts.  Free Five Star T-Shirts.  So we can be advertisements.  She likes us. 

I’m so excited.  It made my day, maybe my month.  I can’t wait to wear it.  I’ll feel so cool. 

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It is unacceptably cold out today.  I want to be at home in the bed, under the covers. 

I’ve been in a rather antisocial mood this morning, I went to the main library and read a novel after my first class.  The inclination to read novels all day long has an antisocial quality to it, but it happens sometimes. 

Does anyone know what the Blue Book Express* is for?  Will someone please tell me?  Can I drive it downtown?  It says it is for Law Dawgs.  I’m a law dawg.  (well, I think that is what it says, whatever it says led me to believe that it might be for my own personal use).  I’m a 3L.  I’m responsible.  I haven’t have a traffic altercation in forever.  Seriously. 

*The shiny new golf cart that is parked outside the front door to the law school. 

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Compliments of Stancil:

Okay, this article in the Red and Black took me back to my days at the Academy of Richmond County, where bomb threats were a regular occurance. 

My favorite part:

The package was sitting in the empty dispenser with a note that “had negative remarks about the government,” Williamson said.

So, yeah, they evacuated the entire student learning center. 

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Walking in Memphis

I’m off again this weekend to another wedding.  This will be my,  uhh, actually, I have lost count of how many weddings I have been to in the past six months, seven or eight, or something, and I have another one next weekend that I’m missing, and one that I am going to make it to the next weekend. 

Don’t worry, I’ve worn the same dress to almost every wedding.  I like it, it is pretty, and it is non-descript, and I have the right accessories for it, which makes life easier.  No one remembers what you wear anyway. 

I really do enjoy going to weddings, this weekend I’m headed to Memphis for Bonnie’s wedding.  I’m sure it is going to be beautiful, and it is one of the few chances I have to see a lot of my friends from college.  And I love Memphis.  It is such a neat city.  Plus, we are staying downtown, so we will be all over Beale Street. 

Okay, I need to be productive for 15 minutes and then I’m headed home to get my act together, after which I am driving to the ATL to eat lunch and get a mani/pedi with Betsy, before I hop on a plane and jet on over to Memphis!

Miss me.  I love y’all. 

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Sweet, Sweet Music

I bought some cds over the weekend, and I am quite pleased with them.  So, in no particular order, this is what I am listening to these days (and I apologize that I don’t know how to make the pictures stay where I want them to, I can’t help it):

#1 – Sarah Evans – A Real Fine Place to Start

#2 Susan Tedeschi – Hope and Desire


#3 Dolly Parton – Those Were the Days


Oh, and David Haywood sent me a message that I need to listen to Charles Kelley’s song HERE – I think that Charles and David wrote it but I am confused as to who is singing, because David said that Josh recorded it, I don’t know.  Whatever, it sounds great.   I grew up with Charles and Josh, I’m really happy for Josh that he has done so well, and Charles is just as talented as Josh, so hopefully it will work out for both of them.  They make me laugh. 

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I thought this was absolutely hilarious.

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