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Sweet, Sweet Music

I bought some cds over the weekend, and I am quite pleased with them.  So, in no particular order, this is what I am listening to these days (and I apologize that I don’t know how to make the pictures stay where I want them to, I can’t help it):

#1 – Sarah Evans – A Real Fine Place to Start

#2 Susan Tedeschi – Hope and Desire


#3 Dolly Parton – Those Were the Days


Oh, and David Haywood sent me a message that I need to listen to Charles Kelley’s song HERE – I think that Charles and David wrote it but I am confused as to who is singing, because David said that Josh recorded it, I don’t know.  Whatever, it sounds great.   I grew up with Charles and Josh, I’m really happy for Josh that he has done so well, and Charles is just as talented as Josh, so hopefully it will work out for both of them.  They make me laugh. 

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