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Litter Allegation

From Dean – 

AP- (Knoxville)
UGA’s Athletic Director Damon Evans confirmed today that UGA has received a
letter from University of Tennessee campus operations requesting
payment of a fine for littering. President Michael Adams, who has
recently led a charge to clean up the UGA campus on gameday, expressed
"regret" over the situation. He promised to meet with Head Coach Mark
Richt to discuss the allegation.

The letter from UT was
apparently generated after the empty can of WHOOPASS that Georgia
opened on Tennessee was not disposed of properly after the game inside
Neyland Stadium Saturday night. "We usually designate one of the
freshman to pick up the empty can.", Georgia Safety Greg Blue said. "I
guess with all the UT fans leaving early, he got distracted" Phil
Fulmer is expected to contact the league office about Georgia’s use of
the ENTIRE can.

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PerfectwheelEspecially on cars like this –
But, what really fascinates me is spinners.  Honestly, I can’t drive when I see spinners.  I am hynotized.  Seriously.  I LOVE THEM.  Seeing shiny spinners, especially on a car that is completly filty except for the spinners – will make my entire week.  You can’t see them spin in pictures, but, regardlesss –


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But it really irritates me when people eat food in quiet places, like the library annex or in class. 

I know, I do it sometimes, I do.  But it is especially irritating when it is really quiet and the person sitting next to you is munching on something and all you can hear is their chewing.  And they are listening to music and can’t hear it themselves. 

The only thing that make s this worse is when it is something that smells weird, like doritoes, which smell awful. 

I’m sorry for this rant, I really should have  a higher tolerance for people. 

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