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Compliments of Stancil:

Okay, this article in the Red and Black took me back to my days at the Academy of Richmond County, where bomb threats were a regular occurance. 

My favorite part:

The package was sitting in the empty dispenser with a note that “had negative remarks about the government,” Williamson said.

So, yeah, they evacuated the entire student learning center. 

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Walking in Memphis

I’m off again this weekend to another wedding.  This will be my,  uhh, actually, I have lost count of how many weddings I have been to in the past six months, seven or eight, or something, and I have another one next weekend that I’m missing, and one that I am going to make it to the next weekend. 

Don’t worry, I’ve worn the same dress to almost every wedding.  I like it, it is pretty, and it is non-descript, and I have the right accessories for it, which makes life easier.  No one remembers what you wear anyway. 

I really do enjoy going to weddings, this weekend I’m headed to Memphis for Bonnie’s wedding.  I’m sure it is going to be beautiful, and it is one of the few chances I have to see a lot of my friends from college.  And I love Memphis.  It is such a neat city.  Plus, we are staying downtown, so we will be all over Beale Street. 

Okay, I need to be productive for 15 minutes and then I’m headed home to get my act together, after which I am driving to the ATL to eat lunch and get a mani/pedi with Betsy, before I hop on a plane and jet on over to Memphis!

Miss me.  I love y’all. 

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