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I opened my computer on my bed, and I had a new email.  So I sat down on my bed to read the email, and I realized that the bottom of my jeans were wet from the puddle of rainwater I encountered in the parking lot of Kroger.  So I took off my jeans and put on my pajama pants and sat back down on my bed. 

I took my socks off.  And put my feet into my covers.  Then I decided to actually get comfy for a second and lean back into my husband pillow and actually snuggle into my covers while reading the email.  No need to be uncomfortable. 

Half an hour later I am a paralyzed in my warm awesome bed, and I need someone, preferably someone who has a key to my apartment, to come over here and brush my teeth for me and wash my face while I stay here under my warm covers.  Because I know I won’t be able to go to sleep if I don’t brush my face and wash my teeth, but right now I find myself incapacitated. 

Is part of the reason it is so comfortable because I know I have to get up in a second?  Or am I having a hard time getting up because it is so comfortable?  I’m telling you, my mind is always thinking really hard. 

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I’m in the Annex

I can’t decide whether I should study in the annex tomorrow, or the student learning center. 

I also can’t decide whether or not I should go to the grocery store tonight. 

If I did go to the grocery store, what would I buy?

If I don’t go to the grocery store, what will I eat?

I’m anticipating waking up in the middle of the night and being frightened by the thunderstorms.  I love thunderstorms, but I prefer having someone to watch them with in the middle of the afternoon with a bottle of wine and deep thoughts about life and a dog who is afraid. 

I don’t like large hail and strong winds in the middle of the night. 

I can’t decide if I think it is a good idea for me to try to push through some more work tonight, since I didn’t get much done today, or if I should just go home. 

I keep forgetting that I have to go to the DMV tomorrow and get my fingers printed, all of which are a huge pain.  I keep thinking all I have to do is get up and make it back here to the library at a decent time. 

I forgot about bible study tonight because I get really confused during finals and I seem to be under the impression that the world stops turning and everything else stops for me to study. 

I can’t decide whether to put my books back in my locker, or just take them with me to the car.  Either way it seems like a hassle. 

I can’t remember where I parked my car. 

I feel like I deserve a treat before I go to sleep, but I can’t think of anything that I actually want. 

The back of my car looks like a bomb exploded in it. 

I guess my room probably looks the same way.  Maybe I should just blow up my apartment and start over.  Nah. 

But I am in a rather chipper mood despite the fact that I lack decision making skills and have short term memory loss. 

I wonder what I can watch on tv when I get home.  Maybe I’ll read one of my new books. 

Decisions, decisions. 

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

My dogs think they are humans. 

Aluminum foil never gets hot enough to burn you.  You can take aluminum foil out of the oven with your hands.  Just make sure you don’t touch any other metal surface in the oven.

Kosher Salt makes every dish taste better.  Even cookies.  Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but it is true.  Use Kosher salt in your next dish.  Barefoot Contessa swears by it, and now we do too. 

Staring out the window does not constitute studying. 

Neither does searching through old novels looking for very important quotes you can’t remember the exact words too. 

It is always more enjoyable to shave your legs in the bathtub. 

The Savannah River looked beautiful on Thursday. 

My favorite dish of this thanksgiving was the squash casserole my mom cooked. 

The sugar cookies I made in the shape of turkeys sure were tasty.  And the icing ended up looking great. 

I really have a lot of wonderful friends – not to mention an amazing family.

I hate real estate transactions.  And arbitration.  And, all of my other classes.   

There are so many movies I want to go see – but I just really don’t have time right now.  Sucks. 

Maybe if I was more productive, I would have more time. 

I’m not even going to get into all the work I need to do this week, just know that I will eventually get it done, and when I do get it done, I have a great reward. 

I’m not sure if I’ve told y’all about this yet.   

I haven’t had time to think about it really. 

Are y’all getting excited about what I might be doing after I finish my exams?

My family is going to Chile!

Isn’t that craziness?

We are going to Santiago and to Vina Del Mar – which is the Riviera wine country. 


I finish my exams on the 9th, and we leave on the 10th.  And!  And!  It will be summertime there!! 


Anyone ever been to Chile?  Suggestions?  Things I must look for?  Things not to miss?


Santiago –

Vina Del Mar

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Exam Time

The nervous breakdowns, anxiety dreams, and irritability have begun. 

I apologize to anyone who has come in contact with me in the past week or who has to come in contact with me in the next two weeks. 

I promise that it isn’t you, it is me. 

Other than that, I had a spectacular Thanksgiving and I have so many things to be thankful for, I’ll probably make a list for y’all later. 

But, for now, I’m studying Real Estate Transactions and dwelling on the fact that the DMV is closed today and I therefore I have to wait until Tuesday to finish my bar application.  Things I should have done in the past month – but didn’t – and now regret. 

I’m still in Augusta, I’m not sure when I’m heading back, I guess it depends on how much I can get done here.  Hyperventilation in full effect.

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It’s raining, it’s pouring….

And I’m being worthless. 

I’m in a funk, I need to snap out of it.  I’m anticipating a particularly dark Thanksgiving, because so many of my friends either aren’t coming home or are going to be so busy with family they won’t have time to play with me.  I shouldn’t be focusing on who isn’t going to be there, because there are lots of awesome people who will be there, and I feel ungrateful for being such a brat.  This on top of the fact that my exams are swiftly approaching, creating an undercurrent of panic that takes all my energy to control. 

Also, I think I have been annoying lately.  Like, I’ve been annoying myself, and I’m pretty sure everyone else around me.  I’ve been particularly loud, negative, and pushy, which really needs to stop. 

How dare the weather channel, via weather.com  say that it is cloudy in athens when it is actually raining cats and dogs?  Come on. 

I’m a terribly indignant person these days.  Which is so not attractive. 

Maybe I’m sick. 

But, then again, maybe it is just the weather. 

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Getting a grip on life

I apologize for not having anything interesting to say today, I have a bunch of work I need to do – I know that sounds ludicrous, but I promise that it is true. 

So, if I can get most of my work done, maybe I’ll have something interesting to say. 

Actually – I’ll make y’all a little list. 

–  There is a conspiracy at this school involving the vending machines and snickers and peanut m&ms.  Come find me, I’ll tell you about it, I’m pretty bitter. 

–  It is seriously cold.  Christy and I were complaining about the cold yesterday and Kipp said that we southerners have no concept of cold.  But – there is a reason Kipp now lives in Georgia and not in Iowa where he was born – so I don’t really want to hear about how we are being ridiculous. 

–  I have recently purchased ear plugs for blocking out noise in the library.  I can’t believe I never had these before.  It is really weird – I can almost hear the noise around me, but not really, it is more like a buzz, but I can hear my heart beating.  Interesting.  The only problem is I kind of have a hard time getting them into my ears.  I’m learning. 

–  There are a couple things I am rather particular about.  One of which is the kind of rubber bands I put into my hair, and another is the kind of writing utensil I  use.  And both my preferred hair rubber band and my preferred writing utensil are, naturally, difficult to find.  Which irritates me to no end.  I think the rubber band people might have discontinued my preferred hair rubber band.  This is the sort of thing that Libby tells me I’m not allowed to discuss on first dates.  That, and my deep philosophical reasoning behind where I should live.

–  The 1Ls at the table behind me keep talking about black acre and O and A and B and C.  Which is making me tired.  But somehow, making me feel a tad bit better about my life. 

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This morning, I was running late (as usual), it was kind of rainy, and really dark, and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I needed some inspiration. 

BUT – never fear – the DJs at magic 102.1 knew exactly what I needed.  I needed to hear Man in Motion – and remember that St. Elmo’s Fire is burning in me – the theme song for all of us who don’t know what to do with our lives, our terminal crushes, our bitching wife and child, our dying stepmonsters, our cheating boyfriends who want to marry us and get us pregnant, our political careers, and our raging cocaine habit in the first few years out of college. 

So, I called Jennifer, and as luck would have it she was already at work – which I saw as a sign from God that it was going to be a good day – and I turned up my car stereo quite loud – and let her share that special moment moment with me –

I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin’ sky
I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future’s lyin’, St. Elmo’s Fire

I can climb the highest mountain, cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo’s Fire burnin’ in me, burnin’ in me

    Just once in his life  –  a man has his time
    and my time is now!, I’m coming a – live!"

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Sea Wolf

Josh recommended Sea Wolf by Jack London to me the other night at dinner.  We were discussing old books we liked and discovered we both love Jack London, but I had never read Sea Wolf.  He said he would bring me the book, but I ended up checking it out from the library the next day.  I don’t know what it is about novels, but sometimes I MUST have one immediately.  Sea Wolf is about a man who is a gentleman scholar and falls off a ferry ship in the San Francisco harbor in a fog, is swept out to sea, and picked up by a seal hunting ship and forced to be a cabin boy for the remainder of the voyage, by the harsh Captain, Wolf Larsen.  The symbolism behind Wolf is that he is Satan – and I might give more excerpts as we go along. 

Captain Wolf  is a self educated man who revels in conversation with the narrator, Hump, who is the first truly educated man Wolf has ever had the opportunity with whom to speak his thoughts. 

Here is an excerpt I read this morning:

"And, Hump, I can tell you that you know more about me than any living man, except my own brother."
    "And what is he?  And where is he?"
    "Master of the steamship Macedonia
, seal hunter’  was the answer.  "we will meet him most probably on the Japan coast.  Men call him ‘Death’ Larsen"
    "Death Larsen!"  I involuntarily cried.  "Is he like you?"
    "Hardly.  He is a lump of an animal without any head.  He has all my – my-"
    "Brutishness,"  I suggested
    "Yes, – thank you for the word, – all my brutishness, but he can scarcely read or write."
    "And he has never philosophized on life,"  I added.
    "No,"  Wolf Larsen answered, with an indescribable air of sadness.  "And he is all the happier for leaving life along.  He is too busy living it to think about it.  My mistake was in ever opening the books."

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Yay!  It is Christy’s birthday!  Everyone get excited!!!!


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Miss Wood

So, I know I’ve shown pictures of my cool friend Gina before.  Remember Gina and Herschel?  Okay, Gina is a third grade teacher at Social Circle Elementary. 

And her class has a website.  She sent this email out:

My third graders have started a blog (well, it is really a website
thing with a blog on it) It is definitly a work in progress, but they
are loving it. I have been telling them that people might make comments
on what they have written and they ask me EVERY DAY if anyone has
commented. I know that we all have tons of time on our hands, but what
they put is pretty entertaining and they would def get a kick out of
grown-ups reading it! Check it out if you have time…


I have looked at it and I think it is hilarious and great.  So, if you get a chance, check it out and leave a comment.  Do it for the children. 

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