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Exam Time

The nervous breakdowns, anxiety dreams, and irritability have begun. 

I apologize to anyone who has come in contact with me in the past week or who has to come in contact with me in the next two weeks. 

I promise that it isn’t you, it is me. 

Other than that, I had a spectacular Thanksgiving and I have so many things to be thankful for, I’ll probably make a list for y’all later. 

But, for now, I’m studying Real Estate Transactions and dwelling on the fact that the DMV is closed today and I therefore I have to wait until Tuesday to finish my bar application.  Things I should have done in the past month – but didn’t – and now regret. 

I’m still in Augusta, I’m not sure when I’m heading back, I guess it depends on how much I can get done here.  Hyperventilation in full effect.

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