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It’s raining, it’s pouring….

And I’m being worthless. 

I’m in a funk, I need to snap out of it.  I’m anticipating a particularly dark Thanksgiving, because so many of my friends either aren’t coming home or are going to be so busy with family they won’t have time to play with me.  I shouldn’t be focusing on who isn’t going to be there, because there are lots of awesome people who will be there, and I feel ungrateful for being such a brat.  This on top of the fact that my exams are swiftly approaching, creating an undercurrent of panic that takes all my energy to control. 

Also, I think I have been annoying lately.  Like, I’ve been annoying myself, and I’m pretty sure everyone else around me.  I’ve been particularly loud, negative, and pushy, which really needs to stop. 

How dare the weather channel, via weather.com  say that it is cloudy in athens when it is actually raining cats and dogs?  Come on. 

I’m a terribly indignant person these days.  Which is so not attractive. 

Maybe I’m sick. 

But, then again, maybe it is just the weather. 

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