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Wow, Well, You Look Great!

Betsy was in town the other day, recruiting for Homebanc on campus, and she bought a football ticket from an undergrad girl she met at the recruiting meeting. 

The girl didn’t have the ticket with her, so I went with Betsy to get the ticket from the girl’s apartment.  It took us a while to find the apartment, but, after walking into the wrong apartment once and knocking another  wrong door, we finally found it. 

Betsy introduced me, and the conversation went something like this:

Betsy:  Girl, this is my friend Charlsie, she is in law school!
Girl:  Oh, that is great!  What year are you?
Me:  I’m a 3rd year.
Girl:  WOW!  And, well, gosh,  you look GREAT!  (this was said with pure enthusiasm and sincerity). 
Me:  Umm…thanks?   (while smiling and thinking, imagine what I would look like after a shower). 

I mean, WTF?  I look great?  What is that suppose to mean?  What am I suppose to look like?  And Betsy and I discussed it later, and she really was being sincere, and honestly, I did not look Great.  I looked like I have been at school all day, I had my hair in a knot on the top of my head, and I was shivering in my pink hoodie, and I didn’t have any makeup on.  I don’t think I would have gotten such a response if I said I was a 1L, which goes to show how confused she is, because, 1Ls are the ones that haven’t slept in weeks. 

It was almost like if I had told her I had a terminal illness, I would have gotten a similar response, Wow, well, I never would have known!  You look great!

Do you think she thought I should look older?  I’m sure that was what it was, I’m just so fresh and I look so healthy, who knew I spent all my time under a rock?  Do you think being a 3L is like having a terminal illness?

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