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Yay! It’s Thursday!

I am so happy that it is Thursday.  Really, Thursday is the best day ever.  Today was excellent, my coffee was yummy, I got to eat lunch with Allison, Christy and Kipp at little italy, and the weather is beautiful, and we worked out tailgating plans, and the whole town is getting excited, and the anticipation is building, and I’m starting to hyperventilate I’m so excited. 

In other news, my new favorite website is Dogster.  You can check out Bella, and Bo.  Obviously friendster and thefacebook were just not enough for me.  My favorite random dog is Woodson, and then of course there are my real friends, Maggie, Reece, Larry,  and Junebug,

I want everyone to be super excited that it is Thursday, and enjoy this most perfect of days. 


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