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Classy girls, Classy.

Stancil5: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2216124
CKP10: I know, I saw it on the news last night
CKP10: pretty ridiculous
CKP10: I’m still unsure about how these two girls were having sex in the bathroom of the bar, but I am sure that I  don’t actually want to know
Stancil5: Contrarily, I want pictures
CKP10: hah
CKP10: of course you do

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Ceiling Fans and Wind Chimes

At one point in time, years ago, when Emily and I were new friends, Emily was obsessed with wind chimes, and she gave me a small wind chime, it is a red wooden star with small chimes hanging off of it.  I had it hanging on my bedside lamp for years and years and years.  But when I moved into my current apartment, I hung it on my ceiling fan. 

I hadn’t ever had a ceiling fan before I moved into my current apartment.  Ceiling fans are interesting.  I don’t like regular fans, especially when I am sleeping, because they blow my hair into my face and this is bothersome.  But a ceiling fan has a more regulated flow, and less likely to blow my hair into my face, so I kind of like my ceiling fan now, after a period of adjustment.  But never on the highest level. 

Turning my ceiling fan on the highest level is annoying for the above mentioned reason of the hair in the face, and also because it makes a lot of noise, even without my wind chimes. 

The amazing thing about my wind chime is that on the middle level of the ceiling fan, the fan doesn’t disturb the wind chime.  You might wonder why I would have the chimes on the fan at all.  I really enjoy it when I turn my light on and off at night to hear the chimes, because pulling on the cord to the fan is the only time the chimes are disturbed, unless of course I run into them with my head for some reason, which also makes me smile. 

I’ve had people stay in my room before who felt the need to take the wind chimes down.  Maybe they like the fan on the highest setting.  Maybe they didn’t give the chimes a chance to not make noise and preemptively took them down.

But regardless, on a regular basis I am amazing that the wind chimes hanging from my ceiling fan are not disturbed when the fan is on.  Isn’t that cool?  Isn’t that reason enough to have them hanging there? 

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Good Morning Children!

I think I am sick.   (p.s. – Mama and Daddy, if are reading this, I’m just kidding, poetic license, I’m actually doing lots of school work and I’m very much on top of my life). 


1.  Inability to get out of bed in the morning. 

2.  Trouble concentrating. 

3.  Heightened stress levels, resulting in tense jaw.

4.  Lack of motivation, in everything, from working out, to reading novels, to brushing my hair, to doing actual real work for school.

5.  Lack of reality resulting in inefficiency and habitual inability to be punctual, anywhere. 

6.  Extreme need for homemade chocolate chip cookies and gourmet coffee. 

7.  Inability to make any sort of decision about the rest of my life, or, the rest of my day, resulting in me not having a job and also not eating lunch at a regular time. 

8.  Carpel Tunnel, from IMing I think, not from furiously taking notes. 

9.  Obsession with television, including, but not limited to, Gray’s Anatomy, Laguna Beach, NCIS, House, Boston Legal, Lost, CSI (the original one, although I like Miami a lot too), and Law and Order (OMG, that is like, as many hours as I spend in class, GAH, I’ve got to get a handle on my obsessions, they are controlling my life!). 

10.  On top of this, I’ve got a bit of a cold, or maybe it is allergies, but I don’t have time this week to be a hypochondriac, so I’m going to pretend that it is allergies and I’m not actually sick.  Even though this gives me an excuse to not run outside, when it might actually make me feel better. 

Other than my symptoms, I’m feeling pretty good about life.  The weather is starting to make me a little nervous, I don’t know, I think it is kind of creepy that I can wear a tube dress to the auburn game this weekend.  Not that I don’t enjoy the weather, because I do, I just find it kind of weird and creepy. 

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