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I really have a hard time getting out of bed.  It was all I could do get out of bed this morning, but once I was up, I was in a fabulous mood and feeling great about everything.  I don’t know if this is a product of one of my closest friends – Coffee, or the weather. 

I think is is something even more though, because I have been in a funk for the past couple of days, and I am feeling so much better today.  I think I have been dreading all the work I have to do in the next month, and have been hiding from it, when if I just spent a couple of days getting some work done then I would feel so much better about it. 

Today I think I am going to get my act together with regards to the fitness part of the bar exam.  Finger prints, credit report, blah blah, I’m surprised they don’t want a blood sample, a piece of my hair, and a retina scan.  My dad didn’t want to listen to my whining, he said if it was really as difficult as I’m making it out to be there wouldn’t be as many lawyers as there are.  He doesn’t think my complacency is very cute, when I told him the other day about how much my bar review course was going to cost, he asked me if I thought I might want to get a job between now and when I take the bar.  Details, Details. 

I’m more concerned about the Auburn game.  I missed the Arkansas game when I went to Bonnie’s wedding, and it was totally worth it, even if it was the first home game I’d missed in ten years.  But, now, I feel like I haven’t been to a home game in FOREVER!  and I’m really excited.  I hate auburn. 

So, this morning I had to fill out an advanced directive – which is a power of attorney and a living will – for a class, our teacher is going to throw them away – but, it is a weird thing to think about.  Feeding tubes, ventilators, morphine….Gonzales v. Oregon….death with dignity.

I should know more about all this Supreme Court stuff, but politics makes me tired and everyone has a hidden agenda and no one is going to be able to truly tell me what the hell is actually going on. 

Hah, Dean Beaird called Ann Coulter a harlot yesterday in class because of her comments indicating that Harriet Miers wasn’t qualified for the Supreme Court because Miers went to SMU for law school.  Dean Beaird is very offended that Coulter was suggesting that only Ivy League law school graduates were qualified for the Supreme Court.  I love him, he is hilarious. 


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