Archive for November 29th, 2005

I opened my computer on my bed, and I had a new email.  So I sat down on my bed to read the email, and I realized that the bottom of my jeans were wet from the puddle of rainwater I encountered in the parking lot of Kroger.  So I took off my jeans and put on my pajama pants and sat back down on my bed. 

I took my socks off.  And put my feet into my covers.  Then I decided to actually get comfy for a second and lean back into my husband pillow and actually snuggle into my covers while reading the email.  No need to be uncomfortable. 

Half an hour later I am a paralyzed in my warm awesome bed, and I need someone, preferably someone who has a key to my apartment, to come over here and brush my teeth for me and wash my face while I stay here under my warm covers.  Because I know I won’t be able to go to sleep if I don’t brush my face and wash my teeth, but right now I find myself incapacitated. 

Is part of the reason it is so comfortable because I know I have to get up in a second?  Or am I having a hard time getting up because it is so comfortable?  I’m telling you, my mind is always thinking really hard. 

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