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Thanksgiving Thoughts

My dogs think they are humans. 

Aluminum foil never gets hot enough to burn you.  You can take aluminum foil out of the oven with your hands.  Just make sure you don’t touch any other metal surface in the oven.

Kosher Salt makes every dish taste better.  Even cookies.  Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but it is true.  Use Kosher salt in your next dish.  Barefoot Contessa swears by it, and now we do too. 

Staring out the window does not constitute studying. 

Neither does searching through old novels looking for very important quotes you can’t remember the exact words too. 

It is always more enjoyable to shave your legs in the bathtub. 

The Savannah River looked beautiful on Thursday. 

My favorite dish of this thanksgiving was the squash casserole my mom cooked. 

The sugar cookies I made in the shape of turkeys sure were tasty.  And the icing ended up looking great. 

I really have a lot of wonderful friends – not to mention an amazing family.

I hate real estate transactions.  And arbitration.  And, all of my other classes.   

There are so many movies I want to go see – but I just really don’t have time right now.  Sucks. 

Maybe if I was more productive, I would have more time. 

I’m not even going to get into all the work I need to do this week, just know that I will eventually get it done, and when I do get it done, I have a great reward. 

I’m not sure if I’ve told y’all about this yet.   

I haven’t had time to think about it really. 

Are y’all getting excited about what I might be doing after I finish my exams?

My family is going to Chile!

Isn’t that craziness?

We are going to Santiago and to Vina Del Mar – which is the Riviera wine country. 


I finish my exams on the 9th, and we leave on the 10th.  And!  And!  It will be summertime there!! 


Anyone ever been to Chile?  Suggestions?  Things I must look for?  Things not to miss?


Santiago –

Vina Del Mar

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