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Yay!  It is Christy’s birthday!  Everyone get excited!!!!


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Miss Wood

So, I know I’ve shown pictures of my cool friend Gina before.  Remember Gina and Herschel?  Okay, Gina is a third grade teacher at Social Circle Elementary. 

And her class has a website.  She sent this email out:

My third graders have started a blog (well, it is really a website
thing with a blog on it) It is definitly a work in progress, but they
are loving it. I have been telling them that people might make comments
on what they have written and they ask me EVERY DAY if anyone has
commented. I know that we all have tons of time on our hands, but what
they put is pretty entertaining and they would def get a kick out of
grown-ups reading it! Check it out if you have time…


I have looked at it and I think it is hilarious and great.  So, if you get a chance, check it out and leave a comment.  Do it for the children. 

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