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Getting a grip on life

I apologize for not having anything interesting to say today, I have a bunch of work I need to do – I know that sounds ludicrous, but I promise that it is true. 

So, if I can get most of my work done, maybe I’ll have something interesting to say. 

Actually – I’ll make y’all a little list. 

–  There is a conspiracy at this school involving the vending machines and snickers and peanut m&ms.  Come find me, I’ll tell you about it, I’m pretty bitter. 

–  It is seriously cold.  Christy and I were complaining about the cold yesterday and Kipp said that we southerners have no concept of cold.  But – there is a reason Kipp now lives in Georgia and not in Iowa where he was born – so I don’t really want to hear about how we are being ridiculous. 

–  I have recently purchased ear plugs for blocking out noise in the library.  I can’t believe I never had these before.  It is really weird – I can almost hear the noise around me, but not really, it is more like a buzz, but I can hear my heart beating.  Interesting.  The only problem is I kind of have a hard time getting them into my ears.  I’m learning. 

–  There are a couple things I am rather particular about.  One of which is the kind of rubber bands I put into my hair, and another is the kind of writing utensil I  use.  And both my preferred hair rubber band and my preferred writing utensil are, naturally, difficult to find.  Which irritates me to no end.  I think the rubber band people might have discontinued my preferred hair rubber band.  This is the sort of thing that Libby tells me I’m not allowed to discuss on first dates.  That, and my deep philosophical reasoning behind where I should live.

–  The 1Ls at the table behind me keep talking about black acre and O and A and B and C.  Which is making me tired.  But somehow, making me feel a tad bit better about my life. 

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