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       If you love Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper
       Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips. 

       Seriously, I haven’t seen many comments lately,
       I need everyone who has ever eaten these chips
       before and loves them to comment.  Please. 
       I’m watching tv by myself and I get lonely. 
       If I choked on one of these no one would be
       here to save me.   So at least leave me a comment. 

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Scary Quote

I forgot to post my favorite Halloween quote yesterday, but I’m going to do it today anyway.  It is from Perelandra by C.S. Lewis, and the narrator is walking through a dark fog, and he is imagining sinister shapes in the fog. 

"To think that the spectre you see is an illusion does not rob him of
his terrors: it simply adds the further terror of madness itself — and
then on top of that the horrible surmise that those whom the rest call
mad have, all along, been the only people who see the world as it
really is."

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Tuesday Thoughts

What did we do with computers before the internet?  Seriously, what was the point?  Do you remember your first apple that had the sticky bear game and the huge floppy disks?  I loved sticky bear. 

How come more people don’t wear swatch watches?  I mean, I think they are the greatest, but I don’t think enough people appreciate them. 

Why are chocolate chip cookies so awesome?  I mean, gah.  They make me really super happy. 

Jennifer and I have 79 mutual friends on the facebook.  Emily and I have 72 mutual friends. 

I hope you all realize all the amazing television coming on tonight – NCIS at 8, House at 9, and Boston Legal at 10.  Seriously.  I have a major crush on the television these days.  Maybe because I live by myself.  Or maybe because movies have gone downhill. 

I went to the movies on sunday night with my parents, we went to see Weatherman, and it was honestly the worst movie we have ever seen.  We left in the middle of it.  Like, my parents go to movie ever sunday night – mostly for the popcorn.  They love all movies and they NEVER leave a movie.  I think I have maybe left three movies in my whole life and never with my parents.  And we left this movie.  It was TERRIBLE.  Don’t waste your time or money, you would do better just to drive to the health department and sit around, maybe get a shot,  or watch katrina and tsunami coverage on tivo.  It couldn’t be more depressing than this movie. 

Have movies gone downhill because television is so great these days or is television so great these days because movies suck?  I’m expecting more from the holiday batch of movies.  I want to see Capote – I can’t wait, it looks so creepy, and I want to see Harry Potter, and Pride and Prejudice, and Chicken Little, and Narnia,(hah, all my favorite books, the sky is falling)  and some other ones I can’t think of right now.

I met some of Betsy’s friends last night and they were really cool.  Her friend Aaron, now my friend Aaron, made my night by telling me he was a fan of my blog.  Seriously, this always makes me happy.   Of course, seeing Betsy also always makes me happy.   

Bible study last night was great.  I was kind of in a funk, and feeling pretty antisocial, but it was a really good night, and I really love everyone who comes, I am just very thankful that God has done so much with the group.  I felt so much better when I got home.  It is really an awesome group and I am very blessed to be a part of it. 

I think I am going to make it to all my classes today, only one more left (even if it does last three hours).  Tuesday is my worst day and I only have two more tuesdays left this semester after I make it through this one, so I’m going to fight through it.  I’m really quite proud of myself for staying at school all day, I have been talking myself off the cliff of going home and getting into the bed all day.  I’m still dreaming about my bed, I can’t wait to get back into it. 

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