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It is unacceptably cold out today.  I want to be at home in the bed, under the covers. 

I’ve been in a rather antisocial mood this morning, I went to the main library and read a novel after my first class.  The inclination to read novels all day long has an antisocial quality to it, but it happens sometimes. 

Does anyone know what the Blue Book Express* is for?  Will someone please tell me?  Can I drive it downtown?  It says it is for Law Dawgs.  I’m a law dawg.  (well, I think that is what it says, whatever it says led me to believe that it might be for my own personal use).  I’m a 3L.  I’m responsible.  I haven’t have a traffic altercation in forever.  Seriously. 

*The shiny new golf cart that is parked outside the front door to the law school. 

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