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Walking in Memphis

I’m off again this weekend to another wedding.  This will be my,  uhh, actually, I have lost count of how many weddings I have been to in the past six months, seven or eight, or something, and I have another one next weekend that I’m missing, and one that I am going to make it to the next weekend. 

Don’t worry, I’ve worn the same dress to almost every wedding.  I like it, it is pretty, and it is non-descript, and I have the right accessories for it, which makes life easier.  No one remembers what you wear anyway. 

I really do enjoy going to weddings, this weekend I’m headed to Memphis for Bonnie’s wedding.  I’m sure it is going to be beautiful, and it is one of the few chances I have to see a lot of my friends from college.  And I love Memphis.  It is such a neat city.  Plus, we are staying downtown, so we will be all over Beale Street. 

Okay, I need to be productive for 15 minutes and then I’m headed home to get my act together, after which I am driving to the ATL to eat lunch and get a mani/pedi with Betsy, before I hop on a plane and jet on over to Memphis!

Miss me.  I love y’all. 

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Sweet, Sweet Music

I bought some cds over the weekend, and I am quite pleased with them.  So, in no particular order, this is what I am listening to these days (and I apologize that I don’t know how to make the pictures stay where I want them to, I can’t help it):

#1 – Sarah Evans – A Real Fine Place to Start

#2 Susan Tedeschi – Hope and Desire


#3 Dolly Parton – Those Were the Days


Oh, and David Haywood sent me a message that I need to listen to Charles Kelley’s song HERE – I think that Charles and David wrote it but I am confused as to who is singing, because David said that Josh recorded it, I don’t know.  Whatever, it sounds great.   I grew up with Charles and Josh, I’m really happy for Josh that he has done so well, and Charles is just as talented as Josh, so hopefully it will work out for both of them.  They make me laugh. 

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I thought this was absolutely hilarious.

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My bedroom in Augusta faces East, and the bright fall sunshine woke me up much earlier than I would have liked this morning.  But it didn’t matter, because my parents were close on the heels of the sun.  Trav and Kate wanted me to go to breakfast with them at the Waffle King.  They think Waffle King has the best pancakes.  That’s right, we go to the Waffle King for pancakes. 

    Initally, I wanted to go, and then on second thought I decided not to go, because Trav has a tendency to kidnap after breakfast, and I wasn’t in the mood to be kidnapped this morning.  But Kate promised that she would make sure I made it back home after breakfast.  So I was pressured into it.  And I did make it home, but not before we went to see Mrs. Kim, and then to the bike store, and to the storage building where my dad keeps all his stuff my mom won’t let him keep at home.  And we only took a couple of detours to look at buildings. 

    Now I am sitting out under the pergula with the dogs.  It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful days ever.  EVER.  It is one of those days that makes me remember why I live in Georgia.  There is a sensory overload almost.  The chimes at Good Shepard are playing music, while the airplanes from the air show fly in at Daniel Field fly overhead, the tea olives make everything smell wonderful, and the breeze is perfect.  Oh, and the mockingbirds are yelling about something.  Plus, I have my two precious dogs, even if Bo did growl at me this morning.




And these are my parents, Trav and Kate, arguing about what we are going to do with the back yard – all of our pretty trees had to be taken down after one of them fell into the treehouse.  Our next door neighbor had to take all of his trees down too, so it looks like a tornado ripped through the two yards.

In a little while, we will go inside and watch football.  I suggested instead of working in the yard this morning, that we get a twelve pack of PBR and go to Daniel Village and watch the airshow from the parking lot.  But obviously my parents have no sense of adventure.  Daddy and I thought this was a great idea, because neither of us are allowed to drive if we have been drinking at all, so Mama ends up having to deal with us.  Which we think is pretty funny.  We could have ridden bikes I guess, except my dad dropped his off at the store this morning.  But it is a perfect day for an airshow, the sky is amazing. 

I’m excited about the football though.  I hope Notre Dame beats USC, and I hope LSU beats Florida, even though I normally like to root for the SEC east, I’m going to cheer for LSU this time. 

Obviously the Dawgs are going to dominate.  I thought about going to Nashville for the game, but it is a long way, and I really like to watch football on tv with my dad, you can see so much more, and there a lot of other games I want to see today besides Georgia beating Vanderbilt. 

A yellow jacket just tried to bother me, and I thought about smashing him, but he flew away and it wasn’t worth it. 

Okay, the ants are biting me, I’m going inside. 

Love y’all. 

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It is inappropriate as a well educated adult, that anyone should use curse words over and over and over again in a voice over a whisper in the library. 

It is one thing when you are downtown in a bar, or in a private apartment, when you are drinking, and laughing, and acting ridiculous, if the language is not appropriate for your mother. 

But not in the Law Library.

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Commitment Phobia

Allison:  "Wanna go get our drivers license report next thursday?"

Christy:  "I don’t know if I can commit to something that far in advance, I was having a hard time commiting to tomorrow." 

Allison:  "Do you think we have commitment issues?"

Christy:  "Hmmm…..I don’t know.  I can’t decide." 

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Litter Allegation

From Dean – 

AP- (Knoxville)
UGA’s Athletic Director Damon Evans confirmed today that UGA has received a
letter from University of Tennessee campus operations requesting
payment of a fine for littering. President Michael Adams, who has
recently led a charge to clean up the UGA campus on gameday, expressed
"regret" over the situation. He promised to meet with Head Coach Mark
Richt to discuss the allegation.

The letter from UT was
apparently generated after the empty can of WHOOPASS that Georgia
opened on Tennessee was not disposed of properly after the game inside
Neyland Stadium Saturday night. "We usually designate one of the
freshman to pick up the empty can.", Georgia Safety Greg Blue said. "I
guess with all the UT fans leaving early, he got distracted" Phil
Fulmer is expected to contact the league office about Georgia’s use of
the ENTIRE can.

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