Archive for September 20th, 2005

Here is a conversation I had with my mother this morning over IM (Bella is our bulldog, pictured on the sidebar):

KHP: we bought bella a hot pink sofa
CKP: stop
KHP: from walmart, your daddy had to get it for her
CKP: sweet
KHP: it folds out into a bed
KHP: we are going to give it to her for christmas
CKP: well
CKP: christmas is a long time away
KHP: I know  i hope she forgets that see saw it
KHP:  It  is a Bratz baby sofa
KHP: it is in the toy section
CKP: are y’all really not going to give it to her till christmas?
KHP: we are going to try to wait
CKP: well, I can’t wait to see it
CKP: I’m sure she will be excited

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