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I’m finished with exams!!!!!  I’m so excited!

Nothing compares to how happy I am to be finished with finals.  The fact that I am going to be spending the next week in South America drinking wine on the coast pales in comparison to the excitement associated with being finished with finals.  Isn’t that sick?  I hate finals (and maybe law school) THAT MUCH. 

I finished late yesterday afternoon, and it of course took me a couple of hours to calm down, after which Christy and I went to dinner at the globe as we are wont to do, and proceeded to celebrate with the winery and then of course nowhere bar and THE GRILL!!!

Megan and I played trivia on the machine at nowhere for about an hour.  It was super fun.  We are really smart. 

Right now I’m laying in my bed, thinking about how I need to get to packing.  Also considering whether or not I have time to go the movie this afternoon.  I really want to go see narnia.  I really won’t have time.  Anyway, it will be crowded, and although I don’t mind going to movies by myself, I don’t like to go to crowded movies by myself. 

And I’m still kind of sick.  And a touch hung over. 

Best quote from last night that I just found on a napkin my pocketbook – "We don’t like each other but we definitely hate you." 

BTW – This time tomorrow I’ll be in the Andes!  And my mom is flipping out because it is suppose to be 90 degrees down there.  Haha – I think that is awesome.  I’ve never been to the southern hemisphere and I’m really pumped about going from winter to summer in 9 short hours. 


I’ll try to post while I’m down there, maybe I’ll be able to post some pictures. 

But if my parents ask me one more time if I have my passport I might lose it on purpose. 


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