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Blue Books

Ummm – this is a strange request – but does anyone who is at the library have any blue books I can have – or know where I can get them on north campus?  I really don’t want to to have to walk down to the tate center – but I need bluebooks for my corporations exam tomorrow.  I’ll buy them from you if you happen to have an excess of them. 

Alternatively – if anyone is planning on going to the bookstore today to pick up bluebooks for the exam in the morning – or has extra ones at home – and has an exam at 9 in the morning – or will be here in the morning – will you bring some for me or buy some for me when you go to the store?


I can go buy some myself tonight I guess – but I wanted to stay here and study as late as I can stand it – and I don’t know what time the bookstores close. 

Any ideas?

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