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I have all the windows in my house open.  It is lovely.  I should probably actually be outside – but when I was outside earlier the wasps were trying to attack me so now I am safe behind the screens.  Actually – I should be in class right now.  But it is too pretty.  So having the windows open is as good as it gets. 

Earlier I watched the boys next door load up their little boat that lives next to my car in the parking lot with fishing poles and a cooler.  It made me quite jealous. 

Things I can hear:

people talking and laughing far away – children laughing and playing
the hummmmm and buzzzzz of the bugs
the trill and song of the birds – the mockingbirds are my favorite and they have just recently come back from their winter vacation. 
The airplanes flying in and out of ben epps airport – this makes me feel like I’m in augusta because at my house in augusta you can hear all the daniel field planes. 
my neighbors opening and closing their car doors
the rumble of passing cars
the rustle of the trees and the leaves on the ground as the wind blows by

Things I can smell:
someone’s charcoal grill – I think hamburgers and b-b-q chicken is for dinner tonight
the warm breeze out of the pine trees
the faint whiff of cleaning solution
the occasional fragrance of the tea olive across the parking lot

What a wonderful day.

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Forecast – Beautiful

3272 degrees and sunny. 

Today is quite possibly the most beautiful day imaginable. 

I had my door open until a wasp came to visit.  Before the wasp came to visit Baxter the pug from a couple of doors down came to visit.  I infinitely prefer Baxter to the wasp.  I was much friendlier to Baxter.  I let him live.  The wasp – not so much.  He had to die.  I mean – he would have died soon anyway because it is going to get cold tonight.  So, no, I don’t feel bad about it. 

I’m thinking about going to Larry’s for lunch.  Dot is cleaning my apartment in anticipation of my new roomie.  It is so nice to have a clean apartment.  Because I also cleaned my room myself before Dot because she can’t vacuum if she can’t see the floor. 

Fat Tuesday was fun last night.  I really love everyone I hung out with last night.  And I got to go to the grill which made it a perfect night. 

I’m going to the ATL tomorrow.  Anyone going to be around?  I have to take an MPRE class Saturday morning at emory.  But other than that I should be laying around the Wieuca Terrace basically taking up space and soaking up Betsy. 


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