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YAY!  I’m so thrilled!  Lauren took it home with her and it is now in my possession. 


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So law school prom was last night.  Since I was in Valdosta friday night and I didn’t know what time I was going to get back into to town on Saturday night – I didn’t have a date.  Which was probably good considering what a moron I am. 

I lost my pocketbook.  The whole thing.  Cell phone, drivers license, house key, car key, debit card, and precious pocketbook that I loved so much.  Faris was nice enough to let me crash on her couch and let me use her phone and her car, and I finally got back into my house this afternoon.  Luckily Katie had a key to my house.  She also made me feel better because she lost her phone last night too. 

I hate being so irresponsible.  I hate it.  It makes me crazy.  I need to take a shower.  My hair is dirty and I walked around downtown barefoot last night.  I don’t last very long in four inch heels.  I’m sore.  My hands and feet are cramping for some unexplained reason.  Feet cramps are awful.  I’m a wreck of an individual. 

My pocketbook has to be somewhere.  I was hoping I left it at east west but I have called and gone by there already.  I guess it might be at the arch bar, but it will be closed until tomorrow so there isn’t much I can do about it till then.  But no one has used my debit card, and my phone is still ringing and no one stole my car out of the deck.  So – apparently no one has exploited my loss yet.  I bet some 19 year old found my pocketbook and is more excited about my drivers license than anything else.  She can have it.  I really want the actual pocketbook and my car key more than anything.  It also sucks to have lost all my phone numbers.  OH WAIT!  I STILL HAVE MY OLD PHONE! VERIZON CAN TAKE MY NUMBERS OFF MY OLD PHONE AGAIN! YES!  SILVER LINING!

Oh yeah – did I tell you how much fun I had last night?  So so so so so so so so so so much fun.  I love everyone.  I sure hope everyone loves me as much as I love them.  Actually – it doesn’t even matter. 

I wish someone would take a shower for me.  Have I ever told you that I have a tendency to pull my eye brows out when I get stressed?  I’m trying to stop.  Especially since I only do it to one eye brow.  I have problems. 

Don’t tell the responsibility police where I am. 

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