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The Real World

I can’t say that law school is the real world.  Now, I do think my first year of law school was tough and no fun and relentless and reduced me to tears (and don’t cry) – at this point law school is a bit of a breeze. 

Andrew and I were discussing the 3L syndrome the other day as we strolled through north campus on our way to class, and his reasoning for why it sucks so much is that we show up every friday – and no one ever gives us a paycheck.  And that we are too old to not be getting paychecks. 

I don’t want y’all to get me wrong – I have work I have to get done before this semester is over.  But other than that – all that is required of me is that I show up and be physically present for eight hours a week.  And they let me play on the internet while I am being physically present.  And I complain about about it all the time.  Next week I’m only going to show up for two hours of my required eight – I have some obligations that require me to be in augusta on the golf course with a drink in one hand and pimento cheese sandwich in the other.  Consequences?  None. 

But I do have some friends who have REAL jobs.  And they think it is crap that all I do is play around.  And they wanted to prove to the world that they really have it tough – that they are the people who make things happen and keep the world spinning round and round.  They work in the CITY.  The Big Apple. 

So if you have ever wondered what a high power job in manhattan in a high rise looks like – I’m here to enlighten you.  Meet my friends Libby and Denis.  They are super important. 


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