Archive for March 24th, 2006

I’m in Valdosta with my family for a family reunion.  I tried to get my aunt and uncle to take me to the lake with them after dinner and they said it was okay – then they left me.  So I’m stuck in the courtyard marriott with Mama, Daddy, and Travers – and we are all in one room, with one king bed, a pull out love seat, and a roll away.  Travers and I are both ticked because we would have never come to this last minute family reunion if we had known there was nowhere to stay. 

Travers:  "I feel like I’m in hell.  A small hotel room, with too many people, too much humidity, not enough air conditioning and nothing on tv.   The only thing worse would be if we had a tornado and we all had to get into the bathroom with the mattresses." 

Kate:  "No, the only thing worse would be if we had a real natural disaster and had to stay here for two weeks with no water." 

Travers: " I would be dancing on the ceiling." 

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